Six skin problems commonly used by pregnant mothers, ultra -detailed measures can effectively solve the distress during pregnancy!collect

In addition to paying attention to the baby’s healthy mother’s body during pregnancy, don’t forget to pay attention to your own skin problems. The impact of managing skin on the future during pregnancy is crucial!Below is a series of common problems that appear during pregnancy during pregnancy. I will come to solve the problem for you to sort out and organize super -corresponding measures!

After pregnancy, due to the relationship between progesterone, the skin loses the previous softness, slightly rough, and even very dry. In some areas, peeling will appear, and the pigmentation of the face will increase.


1. Pregnant mothers with dry skin should not wash their faces frequently. It is best to use baby soap, glycerin soap and other faces.

2. Apply some skin care products for moisturizing pregnant women and massage gently.In addition, infant moisturizes or moisturizes can also prevent the skin from drying the skin and maintaining a acidity and alkali.

3. It should not be soaked for too long during bathing, otherwise it is easy to cause dehydration of the skin. It can use shower gel or baby soap that does not contain soap, pH neutrality.After bathing, apply moisturizing oil all over the body.

4. Pay special attention to the nutritional balance of diet, drink plenty of water, increase the intake of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and add necessary fatty acids and vitamins, such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, beans, etc.Try to avoid eating spicy food, biscuits and instant noodles, and not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise it will make the skin more dry and glutinous.

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, coupled with poor sleep or living pressure, many pregnant mothers have acne or acne on their faces.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in addition to the reasons for endocrine changes, acne and acne may be caused by "evil tonic" after pregnancy.Especially for pregnant mothers with dry body, if they are not replenished properly, they will also make the body "fire" in the body. This will not only make themselves worry, but also affect the baby.


1. Pregnant mothers should follow the basic maintenance methods of oily skin, and use exfoliating and cleaning masks to clean the face once a week.

2. If you want to use maintenance lotion or cream, you should use water -soluble or particularly refreshing type, and apply a thin layer after washing your face.

3. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, pay attention to whether the stomach is excreted normally, and keep sleeping sufficient sleep.

4. Pay attention to the balance of three diets and do not "evil supplements" during pregnancy.

5. If there are only a few local acne or acne, wash your face reliable to control the face oil, and use neutral soap 5 to 6 times a day.

6. If it is comprehensive or long or long, you should ask a doctor, because this may not be a simple skin problem, but a disease caused by endocrine disorders. Drug treatment may be required.

The changes in hormone secretion after pregnancy enhance the mobility of melanin and cause a sinking reaction on the skin.Freckles have become more obvious, and even new black spots, macular, brown spots have grown.


1. Pigment deposits are normal phenomena during pregnancy, which will mostly subspeges after giving birth. Therefore, it is not recommended to use antipotrophic cream to eliminate it.

2. Do sunscreen when going out, such as wipe sunscreen, go out with umbrellas, hats and other sunscreen utensils.

3. Use a low sunscreen coefficient sunscreen care product.

4. Because the melanin must be depressed before it is oxidized, and the vitamin C has a "antioxidant" function, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can reduce the chance of melanin deposition.

5. Eat less irritating foods, such as coffee, tea, cola and so on.

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers metabolized slowly, subcutaneous fat thickened, increased sweat glands and sebaceous glands, increased blood circulation in the whole body, and the strong facial oil secretion would increase, the skin became particularly greasy, and the "T" area was more significant.


1. Keep your skin clean and wash your face a few more times a day.

2. Diet should take more foods rich in high -quality animal protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin C, which can make the skin more shiny.

3. Strengthen the skin care for hydrating and moisturizing. If necessary, you can choose natural moisturizing skin care products.

The bags are small puffiness caused by water accumulation, and dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes or enhanced pigment mobility during pregnancy.


1. Make sure that sleep is sufficient.

2. Grasp the time to do more facial massage, such as washing your face, bathing or before bedtime, when you do face cleaning and maintenance, it is a good time to massage.

3. Because the skin around the eye is thin, it is not too strong when massaging, and the massage emulsion should not be used too much. You can use eye glue or eye cream massage.

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have symptoms such as itching and pimples.Generally speaking, if only itching symptoms may be itching during pregnancy, but if it is severe itching and eczema on the hands and feet, it is likely to be a pregnancy stasis during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention.


1. Pregnant mothers should wear loose, breathable and water -absorbing cotton underwear. After sweating, replace them in time.Because too tight underwear can cause the skin to be strongly stimulated and easy to sweat, it is easy to induce itching and eczema of the skin.

2. The hot water bath will increase itching. Usually reduce the water temperature as much as possible, as long as it is slightly higher than the body temperature.

3. Use some moisturizing cream to rub the skin if necessary to reduce itching.When you can’t stand it, you need to go to the hospital for treatment and use some antipruritic drugs.If it is suspected to be a pregnancy period, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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