Sisters who have a cold during pregnancy can try at home. I hope that all Baoma can be gently …

Gestation (23 weeks) +5, sisters who have a cold+cough during pregnancy come over, and the doctor teaches you a little trick.

Waiting for this pack of medicine for two hours, less than 300 yuan.I went to the hospital, took this pack of traditional Chinese medicine, and then made a bag in the morning and evening. I don’t know if it is not available.Try a bag tonight.

This is the case in it. Is Chinese medicine so advanced now?You don’t have to boil it yourself.Then this is the kind of inside to the granules, just like a cold granules, and then take it directly to drink.I feel that this is not old to drink, so I do n’t have to boil it. This bag is actually drunk with Chinese medicine. I feel more bitter.

The cold during this pregnancy was really guilty. Seeing that my nose is not ventilated now, and then my throat still hurts, and then I can’t sleep when I get into the night.Can’t you know?It ’s the kind of cough. My stomach hurts. I feel like coughing is a bit contracted. It may be that the cough is too much.Then this abdominal pressure is large for a long time, and it will cause contractions.Therefore, sisters during pregnancy must protect themselves and try not to get sick.

Of course, this is not what you can control, or trying to maintain it as much as possible.I had a cough for three days and three nights, and basically didn’t sleep. It was just leaning on the bedside and sleeping. I couldn’t lie down at all, and I couldn’t stop at all.So I was particularly close to the fetal heart test for the past two days, so I was afraid that the fetus would stop, which was too scary.

Later, if there are sisters who have a cold and cough, because the weather is cold and cold, it is normal for this season. Many people feel this season.Especially the resistance of pregnant women itself is low, so it may be more likely to get sick.If you have a cold and cough, don’t carry it hard, you must go to the hospital to avoid injury to the fetus.

This child who cough and cough in the past two days does not like to move, so I do n’t like to move, and then I may not be uncomfortable. He may not be willing to move, so I worry about every time I do n’t move. Every day, I am worried.Test several fetal hearts several times.Therefore, if you have a particularly serious cough, don’t carry it hard.Then the doctor will give you some medicines that pregnant women can take, and then alleviate this symptom.

Then the doctor told me two little tricks.

· If you say that you have a cough, this is this piece, just wipe him, just wipe it so lightly, just use this index finger to gently, so don’t wait for him to wipe it.EssenceYou just take this one in this one, just give him a Musto Maso, there is another one, the thumb is the one, and this one is fine. If you are fine, you can rub it.

If you feel painful, apply some oil, fingertip, just from bottom to top, until this thumb, and then rub it like this.

This is a small method that the doctor told me.As long as the symptoms are not very serious, you can try this small method at home.Anyway, this was given to me by the doctor. I don’t know if it is useful.You can try it yourself at home.

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