Since giving birth to a baby, what happened to my body as soon as I was hungry?

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[Send yourself a flower] [Send yourself a flower] [Send yourself a flower] Remember that when I was pregnant, I was hungry on the night shift, and I didn’t eat anything.He was so hungry that he had no strength, and colleagues hurried to bring me some food, and they ate it.He has never been hungry like this. It is said that pregnant mothers can eat it.Moms who have been pregnant with babies must have experienced it!

Alas, I want to lose weight again, and I am afraid of being hungry and uncomfortable. It is really contradictory, [cover your face] [cover your face]

[Covering your face] I thought it was the reason for pregnancy.But until now I am hungry, I am weak.

Since the weight of the baby is more than 110 pounds, it will continue to grow if it is not controlled.Doctors say that they feel the symptoms of panic when they are hungry, and they often return to normal after eating, so they often consider whether there are hypoglycemia symptoms.If the patient is also accompanied by weakness, sweating, etc., and after eating some high sugar foods, the symptoms will be relieved, so the possibility of hypoglycemia is more likely.After the doctor said, I might be hypoglycemia.Do you have such a situation?

What should I do if there is hypoglycemia?

Some doctors say this:

It is really uncomfortable to suffer from hypoglycemia. We need to take good protection measures, so what measures should we take?What can I do to be perfect, let’s take a look together!

In the topic of regulating hypotension, many people are often tangled.Let’s give us the most effective way!"1515 Principles": After the symptoms of hypoglycemia occur, if you have the conditions, you should quickly measure a blood sugar. If the blood sugar is less than 3.9 mmol/L, it is hypoglycemia.Hurry up to eat 15g of sugar.The first and most direct is four to five glucose slices, which is the most direct.Eating it immediately can return blood sugar to normal.Followed by drinks.If we do not have glucose tablets, the first choice is drinks.150M Cola is equivalent to 15g sugar.There is also honey.Drink the kind of spoon of soup and drink water.I do n’t dare to eat it. I can eat it when I do with hypoglycemia. Into the food of low blood sugar, these high sugar -containing foods are still very good.

Finally, fructose, about five or six pieces of fruit sugar is almost 15g of sugar. The above method can alleviate the fastest method of hypoglycemia.So if there is no such direct sugar at hand, what food can contain about 15g of sugar?Including biscuits, the soda biscuits are about two to four pieces; there are white bread slices, and one piece is probably 15g of sugar; there is abandoned milk, a bag of skimmed milk is less than 200ml;These are sugar containing about 15g.Therefore, in life, we must pay attention to the laws of life and rest, exercise more, and maintain good eating habits, which will keep these symptoms away from our bodies.

We should also pay attention to eating less chocolate, pastry and cakes as much as possible, which actually has more oil.After eating these 15g, test another blood sugar after 15 minutes, this is the second 15.If the blood sugar has risen at this time, it is greater than 3.9 mmol/L.If it hasn’t risen at this time, it is still below 3.9 mmol/L. Then eat 15g of sugar -containing food, and then I can measure blood sugar after fifteen minutes.See it rising.If you can’t get up, you must go to the hospital!This is the "15-15 principle".The right medicine and good conditioning are good diagnosis and treatment for the pain. Usually, we must understand more about medical knowledge. If you are sick, you cannot blindly invest in medical treatment. It is the best way to treat it accordingly!After listening to the doctor’s explanation, I feel very useful and share it with everyone.I hope that every treasure mother is healthy.[Shy] [Shy] [Send yourself a flower] [Send yourself a flower]

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