Signs of early pregnancy are so similar to the precursors of the holiday. How do you know if you are pregnant?

Early pregnancy is very similar to the thresholds of the coming holiday, so many of the first pregnancy Baoma will confuse these two, and treat early pregnancy as a routine holiday.

Here, Xiaobian should remind the sisters of married and sexual life. If the following situations are delayed, they must think about whether they are pregnant to prevent mistakes from wrong judgment and error treatment and cause harm to new life.

Next, Xiaobian will give you an Amway: the difference between early pregnancy and the aura of the holiday!

Difference 1 -tiredness

Pregnancy: Early pregnancy will feel tired, often sleepy and want to sleep.

Menstrual period: Although menstrual periods are also sleepy, they usually recover in 1-2 days, and most of them are asleep caused by dysmenorrhea.

Different 2 -body temperature

Pregnancy: The temperature of the early pregnancy will continue to increase, and generally maintains within the range of 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C.It lasted after about three months.

Menstrual period: The body temperature of women in the childbearing age increased by 0.3-0.5 ° C after ovulation, and it returned to normal after the holiday was completed.

Difference 3 —— chest

Pregnancy: Tingling, swelling, and itching of the chest during early pregnancy, the color of the areola, the darker of the areola.

Menstrual period: There are small nodules in the breasts during menstruation, and the pain is touched. The pain will be re -showed before the holiday.

Differences 4 -Backache

Pregnancy: Generally, there is generally no manifestation of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy. The fetus increases during the third trimester and the tolerance is increased, so that the pregnant mother will feel backache.

Menstrual period: Menstrual period usually feels uncomfortable with backache.

Differences 5 — Vaginal mucosa discoloration

Pregnancy: Early pregnancy vaginal mucosa may show darker colors due to congestion.

Menstrual period: Women’s vaginal mucosa maintains lighter colors during menstruation or before pregnancy.

Differences 6 -skin tone changes

Pregnancy: Skin pigmentation or stretch marks may be produced, especially in the third trimester.

Menstrual period: Some women will become dark yellow, greasy, and acne during menstruation, and they will be restored after menstruation.

Difference 7 -appetite

Pregnancy: Many pregnant mothers will feel disgust and vomiting, especially when they just get up in the morning, but these symptoms vary from person to person, some people are mild, and some are serious.

Menstrual period: During the holidays, the appetite will increase greatly, the amount of meals will increase, and some people prefer to eat spicy food …

Kind tips:

It is more accurate to identify early pregnancy or have to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination. Do not ignore this quiet life because of carelessness.

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