Shouzheng Ruyu was found to be pregnant for 26 years@

The 26 -year -old woman who guarded her boudoir was born before marriage.What happened to the woman’s face?

As a result, she was pregnant and prepared to go to the marriage with her boyfriend.What’s the matter?The 26 -year -old Xiao Li, she has never had a relationship with anyone.I have known this boyfriend for more than a year, at most two people are Lala.The boyfriend saw that the girl was so conservative, and she was very fortunate to have met a right person in this life.

Two people met each other after 10 months and were ready to get married.At the end of the pre -marital examination, the man of this report was taken, and his face immediately changed his face to be green and red.What’s going on?How can there be such a result?This is to buy him one get one free. He couldn’t believe that the girl in his heart was like a jade in his heart. He actually brought him such a big hat, and it was difficult to accept the direct collapse in an instant.Immediately proposed to break up.I also said a lot of bad words.And Xiao Li was grievance.At that time, sitting on the ground was crying.She vowed not to contact anyone.This boyfriend is still his first love boyfriend and has never done extraordinary things.Regardless of how the woman explained in front of a man, the man did not enter the man and salt, and he didn’t believe it. The girlfriend in front of him was innocent.

I said this girlfriend’s super unpleasant words, and finally decided to break up.What happened to that happened? In order to prove her innocence, her girlfriend immediately ran to a hospital and found the inspection at the time.

I asked for a lifetime and took out the inspection report.After speaking clearly with the whole life, he was very aggrieved.When she got this report throughout her life, she also felt strange, so she decided to check it again.

It was found that the results of this inspection were completely different from the results in the report. The woman was indeed a innocent girl and found the real reason behind it.It turned out that the two girls with the same name, even the same report, was wrong.The girl obviously had a pregnancy reaction, but the results of the examination made her boyfriend’s two monk who couldn’t touch her head, and panicked.What is going on?Here is obviously a big daughter of Huanghua, but the results of the examination, her boyfriend mistakenly believes that this girlfriend does not check.The hospital expressed his sincere apology and said it was just a misunderstanding.But Little Li Si was unwilling, and it was just like this.He brought her a hospital to her and asked him to compensate himself 28.

Because her boyfriend had broken up with him, she had a great psychological shadow, and Xiao Li cried and said that she would defend her dignity with the law.Family family, you think Xiao Li has put forward compensation and brought the court to the court.Her approach is too much.If you support this girl, please lit a red and leave support in the comment area.I am also particularly embraced for this woman.Because this matter is in the heart of a man, a good impression is completely out of time.Because life is unfair, men can make mistakes. As long as apologize is a smile, but women cannot make mistakes.If the man is wrong like eating a fly, she can’t forget it in her life.

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