Should you really quit grapefruit?

Heating drugs are the most effective lipid regulatory drugs and have now become one of the main drugs for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.I believe that patients with chronic diseases are no stranger to it.As a result, attentive patients proposed that the instructions of Atvasine Calcium marked the existence between grapefruit and hisbell drugs, which would improve the body’s body effect.So, can we still eat grapefruit while taking such drugs?

It doesn’t make sense to discuss from "quantity"

First of all, let’s take a look at how the instructions of the domestic market that have been listed in the country are stipulated: the impact of the conventional drinking volume of grapefruit juice (one cup of 250ml per day) on these two drugs on these two drugsVery small and no clinical significance.

However, a large amount of drinking will inhibit the metabolism of these two drugs in the body, increase the concentration of drugs in the body, and eventually lead to enhancement of the drug effect. Therefore, it should be avoided.

In addition, the Luovatin tablets, Putacin sodium, Pingcharine calcium, and Rou Shuvastatin calcium instructions were not mentioned.Flosin sodium has not yet discovered interaction with pomelo juice.

The point is that the instructions mentioned that grapefruit juice will affect the drug effect; grapefruit juice does not affect all statins of drugs; small doses (250ml/day) grapefruit juice has no clinical significance for his role.When the dose reaches 1L/day, it will cause related clinical manifestations.

Grapefruit can only play a role in some statins

According to the drug instructions, we can see that grapefruit only works for some of his.Grapefruit contains a variety of chemical ingredients, such as flavonoids, amufuscan (fragrant lemon pavilion, dihydroxyl -based lemon pavilions, berglene glycatus), etc. Some studies have shown that these chemical ingredients will inhibit the activity of cell pigment P450 3A4.Especially Xiang Lemon Pavilion.

By reviewing the instructions, we found that the three drugs of Atropine, Luocevatin, and Sippedtine need to be metabolized by cytochrome P450 3A4 in the body, while other Bather drugs do not need to be metabolized by this enzyme.Therefore, theoretically, after taking a large amount of grapefruit juice, it will affect the metabolism of these three drugs in the body, increase the concentration of its body, and increase the risk of adverse reactions while increasing the effect of drug effects.

Therefore, patients with Atropanda Calcium, Luocevatin, and Sippedine are recommended to avoid taking a large number of grapefruit.It is recommended to take it separately when taking small doses. If you take medicine at night, you can take grapefruit during the day to minimize food and drugs.

Grapefruit was not killed by "one pole"

The question comes, is the grapefruit mentioned here the grapefruit we usually eat?

Of course not, grapefruit is not the same as grapefruit.Most of the grapefruit we usually say is Wen Dan Pomelo, which is relatively large.The grapefruit is a hybrid body of grapefruit and orange. Because it grows densely on the tree, it looks like grapes from a distance, so it is called grapefruit (also known as grapefruit). Its head has a fist size.

In addition, oranges, oranges, lemon, etc. are the same as the citrus plant as grapefruit, which contains the same chemical components.Existing studies have shown that fruits such as oranges, mandarin, and south orange also contain a certain amount of pomelohide and beancin category compounds.

However, the content of these ingredients is much lower than that of grapefruit, so it can only cause drugs and food to interact between drugs and food only when taking a lot.Therefore, grapefruit friends can take a small amount, but it is best to take it with his other drugs, or choose a drug without interaction.

Text/Meng Qingli (Beijing Century Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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