Should pregnant women, should I take Chinese medicine

The general point of view is that women cannot take soup medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

In case women are pregnant or breastfeeding, they have a very serious discomfort. Can they take it by themselves or drink plenty of water to rest?

According to my personal clinical experience, the answer is that they may not be good by themselves. As for how much influence on the fetus or baby, I have not seen related research.

However, my personal treatment principle is to tell the possible risks of pregnant mothers or maternal medications as much as possible, and then use the medicine as much as possible to relieve the patient’s symptoms as soon as possible and take into account safety.

In these years, when I see pregnant women who ask for soup, there are severe vomiting during pregnancy, those who have insomnia to sleep all night, some respiratory tract infections have not reduced the cough for half a month after a month, and urticaria itching is anxious.Improve the symptoms and also have good health in pregnant mothers.To be honest, for so many years, I have not seen something wrong with me.

Of course, in fact, my best choice is to soothe, and then let the patient go home, or ask Gao Ming, right?However, I can’t do it when I see them so uncomfortable.

Maternal comes to eat soup medicine. Most of them are seen in endless dew, too little milk, insomnia, sweating, and loss of appetite.

I have seen a little girl, one month after giving birth, what to eat and vomit, what is amazing is that she has milk for the child to eat.When she was in the clinic, she was gray and her veins were weak. At that time, I checked her blood routine and found moderate anemia.Emotions are extremely low.When I was chatting with her, there was a saying that scared me, and she said that sometimes she wanted to hug her child to jump off the building.

I quickly prescribed her medicine for treatment, what would be used, and I couldn’t control so much.After eating for a week, when she came again in the second week, her face was much better and her mental state was good.After the prosecution, I do n’t vomit, and the child is very good.

That girl always came to the doctor alone, so I doubted that there were any problems in her family. If they didn’t say it, I couldn’t ask.Try to use the medicine for her conditioning for her, and took two months of Chinese medicine to stop before and after.

Other patients are nothing more than dew, or too little milk, or maternal insomnia, weakness, or low back pain. Appropriate use of relatively safe medicines, or diet conditioning.

Therefore, when you encounter physical discomfort in pregnant women, you need to evaluate the doctor.Treatment is a problem of weighing and disadvantages. If you do n’t take medicine, you may also endanger the safety of the fetus or pregnant women. Do n’t hesitate to use medicine as soon as possible. Try to avoid toxic or severe drugs when taking medicine.The efficacy can also ensure safety.

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