Should I quit milk?Even my husband calls me to quit milk, it’s annoying, why do they think so stubborn

When I was pregnant, I was fat. From 80 pounds to 120 pounds, the baby was only four pounds and two pounds. The family has always said that the child is too small. I gave me so many supplements. I was discharged from the hospital for three days.I immediately fed her rice paste. I did n’t care about my breasts in three meals a day. She was the biggest at home. The father -in -law and husband listened to her. Because I did n’t understand it at that time, the doctor said that I could n’t eat the rice paste too early.Opposed, I took my baby to my mother’s house when I was invalid. My husband came back and picked me back. After returning home, I still quarreled because of the rice paste. As a result, I won.In front of others, I said that I do n’t eat rice paste for my baby. The baby is not old. The older generations are ingrained that they have to eat rice paste when they are born. The milk is just quenching thirst.Endless, I endure for the baby. After all, she is an elder or the elderly, so I always crooked in front of me.I have erupted, and my mother has no forbearance to endure from the new. My mother often teaches me not to make trouble with my mother -in -law.Come on the ground.I was married to giving birth to a child for a total of only a year and a half. I seemed to see through the red dust. I suddenly changed from a carefree girl to a village woman full of grievances all day.Forget it, why bother to be wronged, facing the sea is spring flowers, but if you think about your husband think of your child, I will not be in a heart, Okay -_- || I’m blind BB again, the business is the babyTwelve pounds for five months, it is a bit small. It is normal for everything except for rare shit. It is also naughty and very good. Before my family, my family had always told me to quit milk.Shit, it is not long, and a certain month is larger than her. I ignore it. Recently, my husband said that, okay, well, they are a unified front of the family. I am an outsider.Can the hot moms who have opinions give me some opinions? Should I quit milk? I also asked the doctor to say that I was breast milk diarrhea.Old stubborn?

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