Shengyu said that he would take her husband to eat, so that the secrets of God’s secret#love

What should I do when my husband betrayed a marriage woman?Episode 9: "World of Husband and Wife".

On this day, Sheng Yu said that he would take her husband to a place to eat in one place, which made my secrets.The man was restless along the way. It wasn’t until the car stopped at the door of the president, and he realized that it was wrong and quickly ran over to stop the sacred rain.But the Holy Rain has sounded the doorbell and can only give up.

The chairman is very happy to see the Holy Rain as a guest and take her to visit her house.The Sacred Rain kept praising the house decoration very beautifully, and proposed to go to the second floor to see.The man hurriedly stopped, saying that this was so rude, but the president felt indifferent, letting them visit themselves.Men followed the holy rain all the way, but the scene he was afraid still appeared.

The president’s daughter heard the movement and came out: General, I didn’t break it, so others should not touch it casually.If you can’t see this point, the husband is derailed, and the woman decides no longer to swallow, and directly to tear the scum and female dregs, which is too relieved.

At the dinner table, the president’s wife compliments the Holy Rain. What trouble can a doctor like your reputation?The president’s daughter laughed, and the Holy Rain was not used to this smelly problem, and asked her directly: Did you tell your parents yet?Then he turned to look at the husband around me, saying that my annoyance was because my man had ghosts, and the derailed object happened to be your daughter.This is a thunder.

The chairman and his wife were shocked, and he watched his daughter unbelievable. She had no shame, and Xiao San’er was so embarrassed that she could only look at the man from the opposite side.However, at this time, the scumbag still did not dare to admit their relationship.Seeing this scene, Sheng Yu mocked Xiao Saner.This is how you kneel and lick your favorite man. He did not assume the escape. He is this virtue.

The chairman couldn’t hear that Sheng Yu said that his daughter just wanted to go to her daughter, and was domineering by the Holy Rain: Please take care of your daughter first, tell her that someone else’s husband can’t touch it.Can’t hook up casually.No matter how much she likes, but the marriage of other people’s marriage is what the cheap talents will do. The small three who was humiliated was simply complacent and cried with headache.

The chairman was so angry that he was so angry.The chairman watched this pile of rotten stalls without momentum. He forced his heart and anger, and politely asked the Saint Rain couple to leave first. From beginning to end, men shrank in their own turtle shells to make a wall view until the Holy Rain picked up and picked up.The clothes leave chic.He hurriedly chased and asked her why she used such a vulgar method to solve the problem?Sheng Yu said: I have given you many opportunities, but you have been lied to me.The man said shamelessly that even if he was derailed, he never thought of giving up his family. Is it a crime to fall into love?

The Saint Rain was unbelievable, and the scum man who betrayed his marriage was about to talk to himself.She couldn’t stand it anymore, grabbed the men’s collar, and told him to divorce him, so that he would never see his son again.this day.

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