She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and encountered ectopic pregnancy. She finally gave birth to her baby in two abortion.

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"At that moment, watching the child was lying quietly in his arms, it was really not easy. Thanks to the hospital, thank the doctor, gave me a new life for my children, and also brought hope to our family." At the age of 37Ms. Zhao said.

After 5 years of hardship, Ms. Zhao finally gave birth to a cute female treasure.The pictures of this article are all pictures of the China Welfare Association International Peace and Child Health Hospital

In the past 5 years, Ms. Zhao had experienced abortion and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After treatment, she tried IVF technology, but once faced ectopic pregnancy, she was removed from one -sided fallopian tubes, and eventually aborted again.These painful experiences made her sad for a while.

On August 3rd, Surging News ( learned from Ms. Zhao’s Consultation of the China Welfare Association International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital (referred to as Chinese women and infants) that the multidisciplinary team of the hospital was guarded for 5 years, and in July 2022On the 25th, Ms. Zhao finally gave birth to a female treasure.After the cesarean section, the doctor asked Ms. Zhao to remove the uterus for her to reduce the risk of recurrence of gynecological tumors in the future and accompany the baby to grow.

"After so many storms, I just want to accompany my baby and look at him to grow up day by day." Ms. Zhao said.

Cervical cancer after marriage after marriage

In 2017, Ms. Zhao, who had just entered the marriage hall, found that she was pregnant.However, during the checkup, he was told that the fetus was stopped."My husband and I thought it was just an accident. It was better to pay more attention to the fetal fetus next time. I did not expect that this was just the beginning of a nightmare." Ms. Zhao said.

After that, she came to the national woman and infant to prepare for abortion. When the doctor was checked for her, she found that she might suffer from cervical lesions.Further image test results, tips: early cervical cancer.

"At the moment of diagnosis of cervical cancer, my husband and I really collapsed. I don’t know if I can cure the tumor? Treatment, can I have birth?" Ms. Zhao said.In order to treat tumors, she came to Wang Yodong, deputy dean of the Chinese Women and Infant and Gynecological Cancer expert.

According to Ms. Zhao’s situation, in order to reduce the possibility of recurrence, whole uterine resection is needed.After Wang Yudong learned and judged the patient’s condition and fertility needs in detail, he individually formulated a plan for preservation of the fertility preservation of the uterus for him.

In July 2017, Wang Yudong personally swords for Ms. Zhao’s widespread cervical resection+pelvic lymph nodes under laparoscopy.The operation was smooth, and Ms. Zhao’s body was recovered well after the operation.

But until 2019, Ms. Zhao, who had been followed up for 2 years after surgery, failed to get pregnant again.The couple decided not to wait. In September of that year, she used auxiliary reproductive technology to successfully conceive her twins after ovulation, but one of the fetus was off -end pregnancy.To this end, Ms. Zhao had to receive an ectopic pregnancy treatment again, removed the unilateral fallopian tube, and made a tire. She only retained one fetus to create good growth conditions for her.

"I have experienced miscarriage, tumor treatment, and unable to conceive naturally for a long time. I must keep it through the child who assisted the reproduction!" Ms. Zhao’s family carefully cared for her new life.Come.

In January 2020, Ms. Zhao, who was in the second pregnancy and 20 weeks of pregnancy, had a miscarriage.

After the baby girl is born, remove the uterus

The road of bumpy sons made Ms. Zhao sad and depressed.When the couple came to Wang Yudong’s clinic again, their mood was extremely complicated.

"Patients with cervical resection, due to the lack of the cervix, the" doorkeeper ‘, after the fetal development to a certain stage, it is compressed to the uterus and is prone to premature birth or abortion. "Seeing the Ms. Zhao’s family again and understood the process of the pregnancy process againLater, Wang Yudong comforted: "This is a medical problem, but there is no way to do it. We can use laparoscopic cervical rings to tie the subordinates of the uterus and create another artificial cervix."

"Although there are risks in surgery, this may be the only way. I can fight for you!" Wang Yudong introduced that cervical ring operation is currently commonly used in clinical and cervical impairment.EssenceHowever, for patients with tumors such as Ms. Zhao to treat widespread resection in the harem after the harem, considering the complex situation of pelvic adhesion after cervical resection, less residual tissue, bleeding infection, surrounding organ injury, etc.At present, there are few cases of successful delivery at home and abroad.

"As long as there is a possibility of one ten thousand, we must try it!" Ms. Zhao and his wife decided to accept this plan after discussion.Fortunately, under the careful preparation and meticulous operation of Wang Yudong’s team, the operation was smooth.

Since then, the team of the feasting department led by the National Women and Baby President Cheng Weiwei has been involved in the treatment of Ms. Zhao.

During the pregnancy, Cheng Weiwei’s team learned in detail the treatment of Ms. Zhao, formulated a series of solutions based on possible risks during pregnancy, closely observed various indicators of maternal and infants, and gave her psychological support and guidance at the same time to evaluate the risk of pregnancy in real time.

Near the due date, Ms. Zhao proposed to the doctor: I hope that the uterus can be removed together during childbirth to reduce the risk of tumor recurrence in the future.

Fully covered the lower section of the uterine -the reconstruction "cervix" is equivalent to blocking the fetal passage of the fetus, and the risk of major bleeding during the operation is high.

Ms. Zhao was in a caesarean section.

After discussions and risk assessment of multidisciplinary disciplines in the hospital, on the morning of July 25, Cheng Weiwei team performed a cesarean section for Ms. Zhao.At 8:31, a lovely female treasure was born smoothly.

After the uterine incision was sutured, Wang Yudong took over and performed a whole uterine cutting surgery for Ms. Zhao.The entire surgery lasted more than an hour.

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