Several kinds of "fetal dreams" during pregnancy may imply that the baby is male or female, and it may scare you.

Fetal dream is a dream about baby during pregnancy.Regarding the fetal dreams, both China and the West attach great importance to it. Regarding the interpretation of the fetal dream, there are many information that passes a lot of information. The Baomao said that it is very accurate.

Some netizens said that they and two good sisters are almost pregnant at the same time. During the pregnancy to more than six months, the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse. I often dream at night. Many of them are weird dreams.I went to the river with one of my friends and picked up two lively catfish on the shore. I asked the old man at home. The old man said that you two would have a boy, but he really gave birth to two boys.

Another friend dreamed that he had mushrooms to mushrooms on a rainy day.It felt particularly amazing. Someone told her that she would have a daughter, but she really gave birth to her daughter.

Some netizens said that the snake would have a daughter, dreaming of a lot of fruits to have a boy, dreamed of mountains and rivers, and was born with dragons and phoenixes.In fact, no matter what kind of dreams, there is no scientific basis.After pregnancy, the body hormone will change, so you will dream.

1. Dream frequently

If you dream frequently during pregnancy, then you and your family will pay attention to it. Dreams can reflect what a person thinks during the day. It is the so -called thought of the day, dreaming at night, too much thought during the day.Causes dreaming at night.Some frequent dreams are related to diet, and blood, thick blood, love to sleep.

2. Scared dream

It may be that the recent experience or the words of others have stimulated you to you, which makes you worry too much. Some are too afraid of the safety of the baby in the stomach, causing a scary dream at night.

3. Dream of color

Some people dream, things in dreams are all dark colors such as black or gray. In fact, because of the emotional impact of expectant mothers, the emotional hormones of expectant mothers during pregnancy are affected by hormones.Or sad emotions may affect the color of the dream.

The danger of fetal dream hint

1. Premature birth

Due to being too worried about the birth of the baby’s birth and the pressure of life, the difficulties in the education of children in the future will lead to emotional instability, which can easily cause premature birth.

2. Difficulty

During the pregnancy, some expectant mothers have drowsiness and unreasonable diet, which leads to excessive weight, and it is easy to cause dystocia when giving birth.

3. The baby is unhealthy

Frequent pessimism, great emotional fluctuations, will affect the fetus in the stomach, which will generally lead to slow development of infants, malnutrition, inadequate innate, and so on.

How to regulate during pregnancy

Listen to the joyful or soothing songs, or watch some interesting TV shows, chat with people around you, and accompany the mother as a husband, which is most helpful for the mood of the mother.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need a large amount of nutrition, the fetus in the stomach develops fast, and the demand will be greater, but it is necessary to match it reasonably. Do not eat a lot or more within a day because pregnant women like to eat some foods.Eat the same day.

A moderate amount of exercise can improve the maternal immunity, condition the endocrine, and increase the cardiopulmonary function, release emotions. At the same time, it can also enhance the fetal immunity and promote the baby’s development.

As the prospective dad, when the expectant mothers have emotions, they must accompany and communicate patiently, and care about the emotions of the expectant mothers.Make expectant mothers a happy mood. October in October is not easy. It is necessary to understand.

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