Seven symptoms of pregnancy, little fairy who is preparing for pregnancy must watch

Many women are now unable to notice that they are pregnant after pregnancy. If they cannot understand that they are pregnant at the first time, they will have a lot of adverse effects on themselves and fetuses.

Next, I will tell you the top ten symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. This provides a standard for expectant mothers. If you find that you have some of the following symptoms, you can test at home as soon as possible to determine whether he is pregnant.

Increased headaches may be caused by hormones flowing in the body. These flowing hormones can make you irritable and moody.It may also cause headaches: dehydration and some other reasons.

Many expectant mothers will feel very tired in a few weeks of pregnancy, and they feel tired for reasons. The cause of this situation may be related to the hormones that are flowing in your body for children in your body.

Other possible causes: I feel very tired because of tiredness or disease.

The cause of abdominal distension has something to do with the hormone mentioned above.During this time, you may notice that your clothes are more close than usual, and at the same time feel that your body becomes very bloated.

1-2 weeks after conception, you will feel swelling or pain in the breast!

Other possible causes: It may be delicious in the ovulation period, or because of taking contraceptives, which may cause breast pain and pain.

For most mothers, early pregnancy reactions generally occur at 2-8 weeks of pregnancy, and the time period for early pregnancy reactions may be very short, but some early pregnancy reactions will continue for a whole pregnancy period.

Other possible reasons: food poisoning, illness, or very much pressure on work and life.

Do you often think you often want to go to the toilet during this time?Starting from about 6 weeks after pregnancy, many expectant mothers will find that they need more frequent urination.

This is mainly because after pregnancy, there are more liquids stored in my body, and at the same time, the uterus is under pressure, so the liver needs to treat more urine.

Other possible causes: urethral infections and diabetes may also be just because of drinking too much water.

You don’t like ice cream with pepper, but at this stage, you will especially want to eat ice cream with pepper. This is also a common symptom of pregnancy.

Other possible reasons: lack of certain nutrients, bad eating habits.

Different from normal physiological periods, this is the most obvious sign after pregnancy. Although many women may also bleed during pregnancy, they are generally less and shorter than the normal physiological period.

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