Settlement schedule during pregnancy | Pregnancy must see strategy

There are 2 examinations in the early pregnancy

Determine whether you are pregnant at 5-6 weeks.

Determine whether the embryo is activated at 8-10 weeks. After the inspection is successful, you can ask the time to set up the file and the information you need to carry.

There are four important examinations in the second trimester that cannot be missed, namely NT, Donald Screening, Dragon Ferry, and Sugar resistance.

The NT test is 12 weeks. This time, there are many inspections, and it will also involve archives. It is recommended to accompany the prospective father.NT check should pay attention to reservation in advance.(You need to bring your ID card, social security card, maternity certificate, marriage certificate, and pregnant woman contact manual; each region’s documents are slightly different, you can ask in advance)

At 16 weeks, this time the inspection focuses on Donald screening to detect the chance of baby suffering from Tang’s syndrome.

[Tang Si’s accuracy rate is not high. If there are abnormalities, you can choose to do non-invasive DNA (12-22 weeks), and the accuracy rate is 90%; if there are still problems, choose to do amniotic fluid puncture (16-24 weeks), the accuracy rate is 99%.

For the third time in 20 weeks, it will usher in the commonly known ass of abnormality examination. It is mainly aimed at the fetal head circumference, abdominal circumference, leg length of the leg bone, and monitoring whether the spine is congenital abnormal.In addition, the first fetus fetus will appear in 18-20 weeks, and the second child can be felt at 16-18 weeks.

At 24 weeks, a sugar resistance is required.First take the expectant mother’s blood sample to do sugar -resistant experiments, then drink sugar water, wait for 1 hour to draw blood, pump again after 2 hours, and then draw again after 3 hours.It is recommended that the prospective father accompanied the expectant mother to go to the hospital early for this examination.

Late pregnancy: Before 36 weeks, check every two weeks, and the next 37 weeks before the due date, once a week of fetal heart monitoring.There will also be pelvic diagnosis in 37 weeks, and it will be a little painful, and you must prepare in your heart.

Bleak️ Small Tips for pregnancy tests

Urine testing is used to detect urine and urine protein levels.Mainly observe the latter.Urine protein can represent urinary tract infections or kidney diseases, and it is also a omen in the early stage of eclamps.The correct sample should be excreted first, and take the middle urine for samples.

It is not required an empty stomach every time the check -up, but three months of inspection. For four months of Tang sieve and seven months of blood sugar, blood sugar requires an empty stomach. Other examinations do not need an empty stomach. Of course, when there is a blood -drawing projectEmpty stomach.

Do n’t drink too fast when you drink sugar powder. Do n’t drink it slowly. Do n’t drink it. If you walk more after drinking, it will help reduce the blood sugar concentration. However, in order to detect accuracy, the nurses generally recommend that pregnant women sit quietly.

The local inspection projects are slightly different, and the actual situation of each hospital is slightly different.

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