Semen is not liquefied or can cause infertility. Where is the liquefaction process wrong?

As we all know, men and women are combined with sperm and eggs through sexual intercourse, thereby forming embryos, and thus completing reproduction.It can be seen that men’s semen is very important.If there is a problem with men’s semen, it will definitely affect the fertilization process.Sperm does not liquefy is a problem. So what is semen does not liquefy?

Semen is the body fluid that exists in men. Its composition is very complicated, and the main composition is sperm.In addition, it also contains prostate fluid, protein, sugar.In ancient times, knowledge was scarce, and natural sciences had not been popularized.At that time, people were superstitious that semen was very precious, and there was a saying that "a drop of ten sperm and ten drops of blood".In fact, in now, this statement is a bit biased.It is true that semen is indeed important, but it is far from being so exaggerated.As long as the body keeps healthy, semen can be continuously recreated.However, some men are too addicted to pornographic film and television works, or have frequent bad habits of masturbation, which leads to frequent ejaculation, which will cause the renewal of semen to burden.In the long run, it will inevitably lead to the emergence of problems.

When semen is stored in men, it exists in a liquid state.When the male ejaculation is ejaculated, the moment of the semen is liquid, but when the semen is sprayed out of the body, it will become a glue.When the time is slowly pushed, the normal semen will slowly liquefy and reproduce the liquid state, and the semen without liquefaction will continue to be glue.Sperm does not liquefy is a pathological condition that is likely to cause male reproductive diseases.On the other hand, non -liquefaction may also be the symptoms of diseases, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis or pathogenic microorganisms.

The main component of semen is sperm, and sperm can be swimming.In the process of sexual intercourse, men injected semen into women through ejaculation.After semen liquefaction, the swimming of sperm will accelerate to achieve the fertilization process normally.If the semen is not liquefied and the sperm movement is reduced, it will also lead to the failure of the surrogacy process, which will directly affect fertility.

It should be noted that if the problem of semen does not liquefy, go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.Although the semen does not liquefy does not definitely cause infertility, it does have an impact on fertility, and the health of the body is the most important thing.

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