Selling test strips online, saying that the fetal gender store claims to be 99%of the accuracy. The reporter’s investigation found …

Since letting go of the second child policy,

Many parents want "children’s doubles",

But use medical methods to identify fetal gender,

In our country, it was banned.

However, curious about the gender of the fetus in the abdomen,

However, a lot of gray industry chains are breed.

Fetal gender test strips are on sale

It is said that the fetal gender is judged through the urine of pregnant women

Recently, some micro -business and even online shopping platforms have appeared on test strips that can test the gender of fetus, and the fetal gender can be detected directly to detect urine testing.

On a well -known online shopping platform, the reporter typed the words "Test Paper Boys and Girls" and other words. Many related businesses appeared. They all said that the test strip of the fetus was on sale.

The reporter randomly enters a store with a large sales volume. According to the introduction of the merchant, this test strip can identify fetal gender through blood test+urine test.So, how long can I test the test? How much can the accuracy of the test be achieved?

Can you test gender in six weeks of pregnancy?

The accuracy rate is 99.5%?

The reporter also contacted the customer service of several shops,

So the style of painting is like this ↓

Reporter: "Can my daughter -in -law be tested for 8 weeks now?"

Seller: "It can be tested. We recommend that the blood measurement is supplemented by the main measurement of urine, and the two to test the dual verification together are more accurate."

In addition, the reporter also consulted another shop. The seller said that it can be measured for more than 6 weeks. Wash your hands with both hands and take blood. Within half an hour, a bars of women are two bars, and the accuracy rate is as high as 99.5%.

On the introduction page of the product, the reporter only saw the instructions of the use of test paper, as well as the words "confidential delivery" and "please rest assured to buy". They did not see the product name, manufacturer and store -related qualification certificates.

When the reporter asked what the principle of the test strip and whether there were side effects on the body, the shop customer service only responded to "no" and stopped responding.

The reporter learned that my country’s "Population and Family Planning Law" clearly stipulates that the use of ultrasonic technology, chromosomal testing and other technical means for non -medical gender identification.

Yang Jianchao, a lawyer of Shaanxi Hongzhen Law Firm:

"Regarding some merchants on Taobao selling products to detect fetal gender, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in my country, my country is prohibited from selling such products, and if Taobao merchants have no qualifications to sell medical devices, it is illegal to sell medical devices. It. If this device is sold to a certain amount, it may even violate the criminal law. "

Obstetrician and gynecologist:

Can only determine whether to be pregnant

Can’t judge gender

In fact, as early as 2016, there were obstetrics and gynecologists to perform scientific explanations as early as 2016. The test strip could only determine whether it was pregnant and not judging gender.

Yang Yin, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Fujian Provincial Hospital, said in an interview with the media that she believes that detecting pregnant women’s urine can detect chorionic gonadotropin (HCG for short).Fetal gender.Detecting the gender of the fetus should be based on chromosomes, while the urine does not contain chromosomes.

"If this type of test paper is determined by the secretion of the male hormone (testosterone) contained in HCG, the fetal gender is determined, but because the hormone secretion secreted in the mother and women in the mother and women is extremely small, and the interference of the mother’s own hormones, so only through urine, only urine through urine.The hormone in the liquid is not enough to judge the gender of the fetus. At present, the fetus is detected according to the blood of pregnant women to detect the gender of the fetus, but the sex of the fetus has not been heard according to urine. "Director Yang Yin said.

Notice!These "measuring gender Dafa" are not reliable

In fact, after pregnancy, many parents care about the sex of the baby.And the folk has long existed in some "Dafa" that measures the sex of the baby -the sour men and the hot woman, the fetal heart is fast, the shape of the belly …

In this regard, a variety of "measuring gender Dafa" is summarized

Scientific explanation of medical experts,

These methods are told

Not reliable!

Rumor 1: Look at the shape of the belly

Male baby: like a big watermelon, it looks not as round as the ball.

Female baby: like a breath, hard, round basketball.

The belly shape of pregnant women is related to fetal position

Lu Junli, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly has nothing to do with the baby’s gender.Why do pregnant women’s belly shapes different?On the one hand, it may be related to the baby’s fetal position and the size of the baby.

In addition, the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly is also related to the strength of its abdominal wall muscles.For example, some pregnant women’s belly shape is relatively sharp, and may be weak because of not exercising all year round. If the abdominal wall muscles are strong and powerful, the belly may be smooth.

In addition, the shape of the belly has a certain relationship with the usual walking posture of pregnant women.

Rumor 2: Look at the taste "Sour Man Spicy Woman"

Baby: Pregnant women prefer sour.

Female baby: Pregnant women prefer spicy.

The taste comes from "memory of the stomach"

Lu Junli said that the legend of this "sour man and spicy" is very common, but it is not scientific.After pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction and hormone levels are changed after pregnancy, which causes changes in taste and changes in eating habits.

Some pregnant women may have poor appetite due to pregnancy. They like spicy things and strong tastes to help effectively stimulate the appetite of pregnant women.In addition, pregnant women’s resistance to a certain food may be derived from "the memory of the stomach". For example, they have eaten something, causing uncomfortable reactions.But it is definitely not possible to obtain the law of "sour men and spicy women".

Rumor 3: See the fetal movement, morning and evening

Male baby: early fetal movement (16 weeks), small area movement, punch and kick.

Female baby: late fetal movement, large area movement, the whole body turns.

Time movement morning and evening subjective perception

This statement is also unscientific.According to Lu Junli, first of all, the morning and evening of fetal movements depends on the subjective perception of pregnant women to a certain extent.

In addition, the situation of fetal movement is also related to the thickness of each pregnant woman’s abdomen. If the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman is thicker, it may be late to feel the baby’s fetal movement in the abdomen; on the contrary, pregnant women with thin abdomen walls may be very early.feel.

Rumor 4: See the degree of pregnancy vomiting

Male baby: pregnancy vomiting is not serious.

Female baby: vomit very hard.

The degree of physical determination of pregnancy vomiting

Lu Junli said that the law of who is severe in vomiting and who is not in pregnancy is not very clear in medicine.But it is certain that this does not depend on the baby is male or female.

The degree of pregnancy may be related to the dietary habits of pregnant women and the physique of pregnant women.

From a clinical point of view, pregnant women who are not serious in pregnancy are actually the majority, and about 60%of pregnant women are not very vomited.Only about one -third of pregnant women have obvious pregnancy.

Rumor 5: Look at the appearance change

Male baby: ugly, acne on his face.

Female baby: Beautiful and smooth skin.

Skin change is related to hormones

According to Lu Junli, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, many pregnant women feel that their skin quality will change a little after pregnancy, but they cannot directly conclude whether they are boys or girls because of "becoming ugly and beautiful".

The changes in the skin are related to the changes in hormone in the pregnant woman, but what changes will happen are also related to the skin texture of the pregnant woman’s skin, such as the secretion of oil.For example, some pregnant women’s skin hair follicles are relatively large, and oil secretion may increase after pregnancy, so acne grows.

Rumor 6: Look at the fetal heart

Male baby: The fetal heart is slow, about 140.

Female baby: Fast fetal heart, about 150.

Different fetal heart rates are different

In this regard, Lu Junli said that just as people and human heart rates are different, the heart rate of each baby is not the same, and the inevitable connection between the heart rate and the gender cannot be obtained from it.

First of all, the fetal heart is a normal range between 120 and 160. As long as it is beating in this range, the baby is normal.In addition, even if it is the same baby, the heart rate may be different in different states.For example, when the baby is sleeping, the heart rate is generally slower.

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