Selina officials announced their pregnancy and named the baby’s small cashews, good sisters Hebe and Ella send blessings

Selina was hurt too much in the burns of that year. Not only physical pain, but more psychological trauma, but also her career almost plummeted.

She had been able to be an actor with her good appearance, and now she is almost free of appearance because of her appearance, but occasionally she will also post new songs. In order to thank for the most difficult to accompany and support when she is the most difficult, she is still in her individualThe social platform has produced a radio program called "Welcome to Jie", and she will update a theme in each issue. It goals to share life with fans and find beautiful.

On March 13th, Selina updated the latest episode of the show. This time, I did not talk about it. I just announced the good news to the fan officer.Those who can’t reach her, but they can feel her excitement and joy.

The 42 -year -old Selina finally ushered in the first child in her life. Fans were all happy for her, and they left a message to send her blessings, but some fans were worried that Selina was now considered an elderly mother, and there were still burns before.I am worried that her body will not be able to eat.

And when Selina’s father had previously mentioned that Selina’s body was not very good, there was fibroids in itself, and severe burns. Pregnancy was very difficult for her, but fortunately, Selina is finally pregnant now.Selina himself likes children very much and has always wanted. Now I finally fulfill this dream. As for everyone’s concerns, everyone only uses to believe her.

When the official announcement was pregnant, Selina also revealed the condition of some babies. She said that the baby’s gender is not known but the name has been taken.His boyfriend Xiaoxu went to Vietnam. The most impressive was cashew fruit. The baby should be pregnant at that time, so the name of the cashew fruit feels very meaningful.

In March last year, Selina was photographed by Taiwan media with her boyfriend Xiaoxu and went shopping in hand. At the moment, Selina posted a post to admit the relationship, and created a small poem as follows. In the end, Selina also excitedly said:My spring is here too.It is not difficult to feel that she is immersing in the sweetness of love.

However, it is said that the two of them had been talking about for half a year at that time. Xiao Xu was a friend of his friends. He was 7 years younger than Selina. Different from his ex -husband, Xiao Xu was very gentle and considerate to Selina.The trace is like a mermaid, and when he confess to Selina, he said straight and said "Sister I like you". Such a milk dog brother really makes it difficult for people to refuse!Sister and younger love itself is not easy to maintain. Fortunately, Selina met the right person. One year ago, she was declared a fall in love. One year later, she was pregnant!bless!

After Selina’s pregnancy was reported by the media, good sisters Hebe and Ella immediately sent their blessings. Hebe said through the agent: The two most beautiful lines of the YQ period, life is a gift of heaven, feel surprised and beautiful, and lamented his wife’s body.It’s too young, healthy!Looking forward to the arrival of new life.

Ella, who is on vacation, also said: I am very excited and moved at the moment. I am happy for my wife. I look forward to the arrival of a new life. Finally, I also use the lyrics of the beautiful new world to express my mood.

Selina now ushered in another new identity in her life as a mother. Fortunately, two sisters have been accompanied by themselves to encourage themselves. The friendship of the three people is really moving.Book it.

A few days ago on Women’s Day, the three good sisters were still taking photos together for dinner. The three sisters snuggled each other, and their feelings were very good. I believe the news of Selina’s pregnancy, Hebe and Ella have already known in advanceBut in order to cooperate with the media, he still expressed blessings.

Now Selina is finally exhausted, with such a good Xiao Xu, and two sisters who love themselves so much, and they are about to usher in their own baby. It is really happy!Bless her better and better in the future!

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