Selina is 8 months pregnant and still chooses foreign travel, causing controversy

Selina was 8 months pregnant and still chose to travel abroad, causing controversy.Some netizens said that although she has been pregnant for more than 8 months, her physical condition looks very good and full of happiness.However, some people worry that her travel behavior may be risky to the health of her and the fetus.

For women who are 8 months pregnant, travel is indeed a activity that needs to be considered carefully.After all, the journey may increase the burden on the body and increase the probability of accidents.Therefore, many people suggest that Selina is best to stay at home and wait quietly for the birth of the child.

During pregnancy, women’s body will experience a lot of changes, including changes in hormonal levels, expansion of the uterus, and weight gain.Therefore, travel may bring extra burden on the body that is already in a relatively fragile state.In addition, long -term travel may lead to fatigue and discomfort, increasing the risk of accidental falling or other damage.

However, some people hold different views.They believe that Selina has passed the doctor’s examination and permission before choosing the travel event.After all, everyone’s physical condition and pregnancy process are different. Only doctors can most accurately evaluate whether pregnant women are suitable for travel.Therefore, if the doctor thinks that Selina’s physical condition is good and can withstand the journey, then her travel behavior may be safe.

In any case, for expectant mothers, protecting themselves and fetuses are always the most important.Before considering the travel, it is recommended that they consult the doctor’s opinions and make a decision based on their physical conditions.If the doctor believes that travel is potential for maternal and baby safety, it is best to choose to stay at home quietly, rest and prepare to welcome the arrival of new life.

Selina’s choice of travel during pregnancy did cause controversy.Although her physical condition is good, the physical condition of pregnant women really needs additional attention.For this issue, each person has different opinions, but in any case, to ensure that the health and safety of maternal and infants should always be the top priority.I hope that Selina can make the right decision under the guidance of a doctor, and also wish her and her baby to be safe and healthy.

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