Seeing the man sleeping around his wife, I was happy to hold him up

I returned home in the middle of the night, opened my wife’s quilt, and saw a man beside her, I was happy to hold him up


My name is Xie Yun, 3 6 years old this year, from Hebei.

My wife Qiu Yan, has been married to me for five years.The two of me met and talked about in my work.

Qiu Yan and me were in a few years, and my parents held a wedding for us.

My parents used my whole body to study. They gave me a wedding for me and Qiu Yan, and they could no longer be able to buy a house for us.

Qiu Yan and I took a few years of class and saved the house on the house.

Qiu Yan and I don’t want to be a long -term house slave. We have done part -time jobs when we finish class.The two of us want to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible.

Where did the company layoffs, Qiu Yan and I were laid off.

We have no job. We only rely on the money to make part -time jobs.


While sending takeaways, I asked where I made a lot of money.

One of my friends, their company has a project in Africa and needs to recruit some workers to work there.

My friend had been doing there for more than a year. He said that it would take six years to return to China this time.

When I go there, come back to make money for six years of work, and I can pay back my mortgage.

It ’s too long to stay at home, and there are Qiu Yan and parents at home, so I ca n’t rest assured.

My friend asked me to make a decision quickly, and they filled the quota and immediately set off.

I told Qiu Yan about recruiting workers in a friend company.

Qiu Yan heard that her salary was so high and she could go abroad. She said, she also went.


Qiu Yan’s father had just performed surgery and needed her to take care of it.

She said that her father was discharged and her mother could take care of it.

I said, are you still pregnant?How do you go?

Qiu Yan said, she can have children in Africa!

Is the medical conditions in Africa good?What should I do if she does not accept the soil and water?

If she has a black baby there, how can I explain to my parents?

Do we still have a face when we come back?

Qiu Yan said, or she did the child, and she was pregnant when we returned from Africa.

I said to Qiu Yan loudly: Qiu Yan, are you crazy?We have been married in the past few years, and you have been unable to be pregnant. You almost do IVF.

Can you still be pregnant?


By then, you have become an elderly mother, and the danger of giving birth to a child is greater.

My parents and Qiu Yan heard that she wanted to go to Africa with me and remove the children. They opposed her to do so.

Qiu Yan was reluctant to leave, she took a connection, looked for a relationship, and wanted to give me a job, so as not to let me go to Africa.

I have signed a contract with a friend’s company. Besides, the salary is also high!

Qiu Yan was angry, I made more money, and left her to leave her.

I told her that I made money over there. She didn’t have to go to part -time jobs, and she could raise her fetus at home.

Qiu Yan sighed and said, I am not by his side, how can she be at ease?


After I farewell to Qiu Yan, we were in the video every day.She told the fetal movement that the child’s calf kicked her.

Listening to Qiu Yan said to me, I really wanted to stick my ears on her stomach.

Qiu Yan told me.With a few weeks before the due date, our baby is about to be born.

When she hoped that when the child was born, I cheered out outside the delivery room.

I also wanted to fly back to her immediately and see our baby’s birth.

On the day of her child, her parents and my parents were standing outside the delivery room, but I was absent.

I left me a regret.


Qiu Yan gave birth to a son. In the video, seeing the cute child of the pink beep, I couldn’t wait to hold the child in her arms.

Qiu Yan shared my child’s growth in the video and shared the joy of his growth.

When I was looking forward to the end of the project every day, that day, I returned home and saw Qiu Yan and children.

Six years have passed.I told Qiu Yan’s date of my home, and she said she was going to pick me up.

Hundreds of miles away from the airport, I arrived at the airport two in the morning.

I told her, don’t come to pick me up.I will take a taxi back.

I got off the plane and flew early to Qiu Yan and the child.

When I got home and saw Qiu Yan’s sweet smile, she must dream of me in her sleep.


Qiu Yan was waiting for me to go home, and she fell asleep in bed.

When I lifted the quilt and wanted to wake her up to sleep with me, I suddenly saw that she was asleep a little man beside her.

Qiu Yan told me that the little man sleeping next to her was our child.

Qiu Yan told me that the child had been sleeping with her after giving birth.

I didn’t expect that in Qiu Yan’s careful raising day, the child I did not meet, he was so old.

I held Qiu Yan in her arms and thanked her for raising her children over the years.

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