Scientific pregnancy: In less than a month after the uterine fallopian tube is photographic, can children ask?

Women are infertile to check, and most patients need to do uterine fallopian tubal angiography to check and treat uterus and fallopian tubes.How long can I get pregnant after the uterine fallopian tubal angiography?Some patients asked me: "I was pregnant less than a month after I finished the fallopian tubal angiography. Does it affect my child? Can you ask?"

The uterine fallopian tubal angiography is to inject a contrast agent to the uterus and fallopian tube through the catheter, see and photograph through X -ray, and then analyze the liberalization of the fallopian tube, the block and the uterine cavity of the loser, the blocking parts and the uterine cavity according to the angiography in the fallopian tube and the pelvic cavity.One of the most clinical examinations of many infertility women.

Normal uterine fallopian tubes should be easily pushed forward, and patients will not have obvious symptoms such as pain.At present, the clinical contrast agents are selected from iodine water. 76%of the pan -shadow amine, which is commonly used, has low penetration and low viscosity. It can spread to the secretions of the fallopian tube.If the illumination time is injected within half an hour, it can be absorbed by the body and hurts women with little physical damage.

1. There is a small amount of bleeding within one week after the radiography check. If there is no other discomfort, it is normal;

2. Basin and sexual life for two weeks after angiography. According to the patient’s situation, whether to choose antibiotics to prevent infection, clinically, we will let patients cancel the inflammatory needle for 3-5 days;

3. Some patients are illuminated by falling egg tubes due to fallopian tubes, and they need to repeat the angiography when necessary;

4. Circuit inspection is observed through X -ray. It is best to reduce the impact of X -ray in three months after three months of contraception.danger.

It can be seen that women who are pregnant immediately after the fallopian tubes do not have to worry too much. Regular examinations are regularly checked after pregnancy. As long as the child develops no problem, it is possible.Don’t blindly think that it is harmful to your child, you must not ask for this child. Many women are inspected by infertility. The children who are not easy to conceive must be checked clearly.

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