Salt steaming oranges, electrolyte water, and canned yellow peach.

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Steamed oranges to canned yellow peach

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Ruan Guangfeng, director of the Department of Science and Technology Communication

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New crown -infected people need a variety of nutrition

It’s not limited to vitamin C

Ensuring sufficient diet and balance is the most important

What nutrition should be taken in different symptoms?

How to restore the body as soon as possible after infection?

Salt steaming oranges and green onions, "New Crown Folk Recipes", is it scientific?

Ruan Guangfeng: There are many symptoms of the new crown infected. It is common for sore throat, cough, and loss of appetite. At this time, eating a little salt steamed orange is helpful for alleviating symptoms.It is winter, the temperature is very low, the air is very dry, the orange water content is many, the taste is sweet and sour, and there are rich vitamin C. Steam and eat it just right, and the "multiplication effect" of salt and sugar will make us feel more.sweet.

Of course, there are also many alternatives. For example, you can drink more hot water or pear soup, and eat other fruits. In fact, the effect is similar.

In fact, boiling water in green onion is the same as ginger, mainly in some places.If this approach can make you drink more water, it is actually good.

There are certain vitamin C and a lot of sugar in canned yellow peach. The flavor is very good. If you can make everyone appetite better, you can get some nutrition.

In addition, many people will have fever and sweat during the new crown infection. The body will dehydrate a lot and lose electrolytes. For example, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other minerals, electrolyte water can quickly solve the problem of electrolyte imbalances and help the body maintain normal function.

However, there are actually many ways to supplement the electrolyte. It is not necessary to buy functional beverages. Fresh salt water can be used as a "flat replacement" of electrolyte water. Seaweed, spinach and other potassium -containing foods can also be appropriately supplemented with electrolytes.If you can eat normally, you don’t need to add extra.

The popular eggs that have been popular in the past two days are actually a good choice.The nutrition of eggs is also relatively rich. It can provide high -quality protein and vitamin minerals, which is helpful for promoting physical recovery.However, it is best to cook with boiling water for a few minutes, otherwise there may be the risk of Salmonella infection. Relatively speaking, egg custard may be a better choice.

What nutrition should the new crown infection be added?

Ruan Guangfeng: The diet that the new crown patient needs is not particularly different from our usual life. You can eat what you usually eat in the new crown infection.At this time, if your appetite is better, it is okay to eat more.Because the body needs more energy, protein and other nutrients.If you feel that your daily diet is not rich enough, you can add a little nutrients, such as vitamin C, composite B vitamin, etc., you can achieve a healthy recommendation amount. Be careful not to take too much in one time.

If your appetite is not good, you can drink some millet porridge, fruit and vegetable juice, honey lemonade, and these liquid foods can also supplement some energy and nutrients.For example, Xiaomi is a kind of whole grain grain, not simple pure carbon water. Its dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals are relatively rich, much better than white porridge.

What are the essential nutrients to ensure immunity?

Ruan Guangfeng: The human immune system is actually composed of a complete and strict system, including the respiratory system and the skin lymph system.Therefore, do n’t think that only one kind of nutrients can improve immunity. In fact, immunity also requires various nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, and minerals.

And the vitamin C content in lemon is not very high. Other vegetables and fruits, such as oranges, kiwi, winter dates, broccoli, amaranth, and vitamin C in color peppers are also very rich. Everyone may wish to eat more.

How to restore the body as soon as possible after infection?

Ruan Guangfeng: If you want to restore your body as soon as possible, you must rest and sleep well.

Everyone should take as much as possible. At this time, if the conditions are allowed, do not support it to work, give your body more rest time, and repair your body with a drum, otherwise you may have problems such as physical discomfort or physical fitness. You may need one.It can be fully recovered for two months or even longer.

Second, try to ensure that the diet is sufficient and balanced.Although some people may feel a bad appetite after the new crown is cured, remind everyone to try to eat some foods that make them comfortable, slowly increase the type of food, add more nutrition to the body, and promote better body recovery.

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