Routine pregnancy: Many women are deceived by pure women, this trick really makes people cry without tears

We know that there is a "routine to kill the piglet", but it is more ruthless than cheating money and fraud, that is, "routine pregnancy".The general "routine pregnancy" is nothing more than wanting to save money. Simply put, let the girlfriend get pregnant unexpectedly before marriage. Generally speaking, the first idea of girlfriend is married.She was so, so she would reduce her marriage requirements. Even if the two people were not so deep, they would be married.Of course, at this time, Cai Li and the rooms will reduce the requirements. Even the parents of the woman will worry that their daughter will not be able to marry, and they will take the initiative to give the dowry and urge the two to get the certificate quickly. OtherwiseNo marriage, unclear and innocent.

If you just want to save some gift money, but there is a kind of man in society, and the motivation will be more despicable. In addition to being handsome and able to speak (this is also true and hard -to -skills, my generation model), there is no serious work and money.The conditions are also average.They searched for some relatively simple wealthy women in nightclubs, KTV and other places, and then spent their words with the other party (this high -end social ability is not easy to learn, it needs talent, which is much more difficult than going to work and reading).Measures make the other party pregnant.And some people do too much. They take care of each other when they are pregnant, vowed to marry her, and then get married.When the other party’s pregnancy cycle is too long, when there is no abortion, it can only induce labor. The original shape is revealed.

1) Keep children and marry scumbags: It is estimated that both men and women are not willing at this time, especially the parents of girls will not agree, and the male estimate also feels fresh.However, men with high positions feel that they have received evidence. They have "married into the giants", and they will not be ugly. They are satisfied. Of course, girls’ parents are not satisfied with their daughters.Is there any way, in the end, you can only hold a wedding smoothly, but it is difficult to say whether life is happy after marriage;

2) Keep the child and divorce with the scumbag: At this time, the conspiracy of the scum man is successful. You have to divorce me. I have no opinion and you can sign and agree, but you must compensate me, otherwise I will not agree;At this time, the woman was the victim, and she divorced at a young age, and she was inexplicably having a child. In the future, which honest person can pick up?If it is a daughter, it is estimated that it is a little better. If a boy, there will be fewer people who can marry her.

3) Divorce the child and divorce the scumbag: This is also in line with the thought of the scumbag, and there is no child. The last trace of the guilt of the father is gone, and I still have a sum of money.However, the woman is more pitiful. You must know that whether it is abortion or induction of labor is very harmful to the body.

Miss Zhang (pseudonym) in Hangzhou is a student studying in the UK. The family conditions are very good. Parents are doing business. Although they are not the top rich in the local area, there are several small goals in family property.Miss Zhang is the only daughter in the family. His parents naturally loved her very much. Since she was a child, she created the best living and learning conditions for her. She sent her to Britain to study during her undergraduate.After graduating from a master’s degree, Miss Zhang returned to work in China. Ms. Zhang usually has several very good girlfriends. I play together all day long. These people are rich second generations. There are many common topics. They all like to play in the local nightclubs.Generally, you have to go home in the early morning.

One day, Miss Zhang went to the nightclub with her friends. They played very happily. What Miss Zhang didn’t know was that this time she had a pair of eyes and stared at her. She became the "prey" of the other party.

There is a handsome man (it must be tall and handsome, otherwise how can I hook up with Miss Zhang) actively chatted with Miss Zhang and asked her to drink. Ms. Zhang thought it was a friend of a friend at the time.There are all kinds of hooks here.

Then the two met each other and hated each other, and began to drink each other. What should happen happened later. Can I think that the current women are so open?Can this happen?Where can I find this kind of woman?The editor thinks that I have a good condition, but I always feel helpless. The bad atmosphere in the society saw that I was walking around.

Ms. Zhang was also bold. After she found that she was pregnant, it didn’t matter if she recognized the man or not. Anyway, she secretly knocked it out. This attitude was still very resolute and did not drag water at all.

After finding that she was pregnant, she contacted the other party. At this time, the man was still "bright". He acknowledged that he would be "responsible" to the child, and whether the child was or not, he had to be "responsible". SeeAt this point, the editor was also drunk. The man repeatedly said, "Whether it is me", it feels a bit like scolding Miss Zhang on the side, but Ms. Zhang did not know. She seemed to be moved.Moreover, Ms. Zhang is completely acceptable if this man still feels calm and calm.[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face]

However, after a while, this man’s attitude changed greatly. He was too long for this woman to get dangerous after pregnancy.Threat the man to have a child himself, will he get a fetus if he does not meet the conditions?), He said that he must buy me a large G, or the BMW five series. Otherwise, if you do n’t want it, no one wants it.

Girls’ parents are still very sober and calm. When they know what kind of person is the ins and out of this man, her father is very angry and bluntly stated that he can never accept the man to become his son -in -law, either herselfShe returns to the West with her mother, either cut her father and daughter directly.And when the machine is decapitated, contact your friends immediately to find the best hospital for a induction surgery for his daughter. The child cannot stay.

The father is still really great. Because of the years of business, both black and white have known people. He really can’t swallow this anger. He must teach this man, so he inquired about the man’s rural hometown of the man and called a big man to open a big man.The truck, hitting the family’s house in the middle of the night, scared the family to death.Finally, he drove the driver’s fatigue and accidentally lost a sum of money to let the underworld warn the man and his family.

This man was still a bit "ability". Ms. Zhang later revealed that another victim knew her story and found her. The victim Ms. Li (pseudonym) was also a rich and rich.Kai Shijie 911 was also deceived by this man.However, Ms. Li’s situation is relatively miserable. 1) She got a certificate with this man after pregnancy, and is now divorced.This man’s responsibility is upset, and will only be happy outside; 3) In order to divorce as soon as possible, it will give the man more than one million, and let him sign for a hurry.

Miss Zhang’s girlfriend is also open -minded. She fully learned from Miss Zhang’s boyfriend to push the little umbrella or deceive the other VC tablet as a contraceptive pill.The method of "simply bringing medicine in the future" (the other medicine’s medicine is not assured, and the small umbrella may also be considered destructive), it makes people laugh.

The men’s methods in this article are still very "superb". It can only be said that it is very immoral, but people have not forged their identity, they do not cheat money, and they cannot talk about illegal crimes. The following men forged the "rich second generation" settings, All the whole body are all counterfeit brands. A total of nineteen ladies "interacted" in total and 19 ladies. There were four ladies giving birth to him. The other two were going to give birth."Friend", is it to cheat money, or to give birth to a child, and give him a passage to his family?

So what is the second generation of the rich?Xiaobian suddenly found that it seemed to be really in line with the following standards.[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face]

I graduated from the master’s degree, or the returnees, and the first -level construction engineer. A few years ago, I was a senior engineer. Why didn’t I know that I was or the second generation?

So what should women and women do in this article?

1) Be sure to protect yourself when some behaviors occur. There are many routines in society now. Some men (women) are not good intentions. They will always be close to some specific groups, individual womenIt is even more casual, and some behaviors of strangers will occur at will. For these women, please expose their contact information and criticize them together;

2) Listen to the opinions of those who come over: love and marriage that is not blessed by parents is very painful and uncomfortable. Parents are the only person who really loves you in this world. The lover who has been together for decades may be derailed.Miss’s father is really decisive to do things, which is amazing. He resolutely let his daughter get a fetus and suffer from the trouble;

3) The probability of children without a father is unhappy: the child of his belly is a precious life, but if he will be ashamed to his child’s father in the future, and the child’s future life will be greatly affected.In the case of miscarriage or induction of labor, it will not cause great harm to the body (it is not possible to get pregnant again after a fetus).

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