Rihanna’s black boyfriend kissed her pregnant belly!The fish nets are hot, and the second child is pregnant for 8 months

Rihanna’s second child is born a few months later. Rihanna is too efficient to believe in the birth of a child.The second child is the same, and the same is true this time.

1. Rihanna black boyfriend kisses her pregnant belly, fishing nets jumpsuit covering the pregnant belly

On Father’s Day, Rihanna’s black boyfriend took a group photo of a "four" family on the social platform, showing her eldest son, and kissed Rihanna’s second child pregnant belly at the same time.

Rihanna’s black boyfriend on the social platform said that she is Father’s Day every day. It seems that she enjoys the feeling of being a father!And it is about to be a dad again.

Rihanna’s pregnancy style has never been in general. This time, the fishing net jumpsuit is as hot and sexy as ever, and the pregnant belly is covered by the fishing net shape.

Rihanna showed her pregnant belly a few days ago wearing a diamond skirt, and once again became beautiful.With such a large second child pregnant belly, it is not fat at all, and the curve feels very good.

The shape of the dew is the favorite of Rihanna during pregnancy. This silver shape, the upper body is knotted with a cloth strip, and the diamond wrap skirt is really hot and charming!

Rihanna painted highlights on her belly. She is indeed a beauty leader. She did not forget to promote her beauty products during pregnancy.Rihanna’s low -waist diamond skirt was tailor -made for her pregnancy, and Rihanna’s pregnancy was quite brilliant.

Second, Rihanna, who is pregnant with a pregnant belly, goes out of the street everyday

Rihanna’s daily out of the street, and now she often appeared with her 1 -year -old son, but Rihanna can easily hold her eldest son with her eldest son.

At the same time, I also admired Rihanna’s sense of power. I stepped on high heels and tightened their stomachs, and there was an eldest son in my hand.Rihanna’s exposed shape is really common to fans, but she still wore such a thick jacket with her belly. For such a sense of fashion, we really don’t understand whether it is cold or hot!

In the style of Rihanna’s pregnancy, in addition to the very sexy exposed belly style, the sports style is also very common.And we can learn from the sports wind during pregnancy.

Rihanna has long said that she didn’t want to pursue a sense of fashion because she was pregnant, so Rihanna’s various exaggerated pregnancy wearing it broke everyone’s traditional impression of pregnant women.

Rihanna and black boyfriend are particularly sweet now, so they often go out with the black boyfriend.In Rihanna’s pregnancy styles, fur element still appears more.

Like this shape, the dew -waist fur with a super long fur coat, this pregnant belly is too eye -catching.The shape of the black boyfriend is also very cool and trendy.

When Rihanna’s first child was, she was also looking forward to having a daughter. When she went to visit the baby products shop, she couldn’t help but love the baby’s things!And this time, if you can have a daughter, it will be successful.Less than two months later, Rihanna was going to be a mother for the second time, two years, and two years, it was really domineering.

Rihanna’s black boyfriend kissed her pregnant belly!The fish nets are hot, and the second child is pregnant for 8 months

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