Review: The female employee is pregnant, the boss confess to his wife to confess the infidelity, the wife spends 3 million afterwards

The most important thing in the marriage relationship is loyalty, but the temptation in society is ever -changing, and often inadvertently betray marriage. This requires everyone to adhere to their own moral bottom line. After all, family is the root of marriage.The behavior of the relationship is not allowed.But there is always some

Gu Wei is the owner of a hotel. From the perspective of outsiders, he has a happy marriage and a harmonious family, but for him, personal satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction.It is important to come by.His wife Wu Jiangli is not high in the family, and even has been restricted by Gu Wei everywhere.

Through Wu Jiangli’s statement, Gu Wei did not have enough view of family responsibility, and derailment was commonplace. Because of its small economic conditions, it maintained an unclear relationship with many companies in the company.Dispute.And Gu Wei also had a derailment after a clarification of the relationship at that time.

One day, Wu Jiangli found that Gu Wei and a female employee in his company were very close. After passing the investigation, Gu Wei and a employee in the company had maintained a long -term improper male and female relationship, and Zhang Zhang, Zhang, and Zhang Zhang, and Zhang Zhang, Zhang,, Zhang年 is younger than Wu Jiangli, and she is beautiful, which makes her a great sense of crisis.

In order to maintain this marriage, Wu Jiangli took the initiative to find Gu Wei’s countermeasures. Gu Wei admitted that he and Zhang Ye’s lover relationship, and even confessed to his wife that Zhang Yan had pregnant with his child. The news made Wu Jiangli realize that ifIf you don’t do something, you may not be guaranteed.

After finding Zhang Ye, Wu Jiangli opened the door to see the mountain asking Zhang Ye to kill her child and was willing to give her a certain amount of compensation. Zhang Ye opened his mouth 5 million. This amount was completely unacceptable by Wu Jiangli.After several negotiations and communication, under the testimony of Gu Wei, Wu Jiangli asked Wu Jiangli to kill the child and sign the relevant agreement on the grounds of 3 million replenishment.

I thought the incident had been handled properly, but Zhang Yan suddenly regretted it. She did not kill the child according to the content of the agreement, and even hid to refuse to interact with Wu Jiangli.More benefits, but is this really the case?

In order to allow Zhang Ye to perform the agreement, Wu Jiangli found Gu Wei and asked him to urge Zhang Ye to kill his child, but Gu Wei did not cooperate with his wife’s demand. Instead, he said that he had nothing to do with Zhang Ye.Can’t decide by others.Hearing that Zhang Yan felt that his marriage had a crack, and found the mediation staff hoping to help himself.

In order to prepare Wu Jiangli in both hands, he even brought her mother -in -law from her hometown to Gu Wei. The mother -in -law was a reasonable person and gave Gu Wei a slap on the spot.Gu Wei still did not change his mind, and left his mother to the hotel to live, leaving, without a solution to the problem.

The mediation staff learned about the matter and found that Gu Wei’s attitude was unusual. The mediationist believed that Gu Wei wanted to leave this child and took the initiative to tell his wife that he had a psychological preparation for his wife.The big part of the husband’s attitude is that the economic conditions of the two are not equal.

The husband is the boss, and the wife is just a housewife. Without enough money, there is not enough to conford, so the husband can trample Wu Jiangli’s dignity so unbridled.The family contradiction between Wu Jiangli and Gu Wei, even if the intervention of the mediation staff is still not alleviated, Wu Jiangli said that he will firmly maintain his healing. When necessary, he will take legal means.People laugh at the end.

Destroying the family is the most exciting behavior in doing things. As the saying goes, Ninghui does not dismantle a marriage. Each relationship and marriage are worthy of blessing, but the arrival of Primary Three has accelerated the crushing of the family. Whether it isMorality is also the object of condemnation in public opinion.Especially for women, adhere to your own moral bottom line, and do not destroy the family because of admiration. This will not have good results.

From a different perspective, even if men are willing to divorce for third parties and originals, how can we guarantee that men will not choose divorce and new people again on one day in the future?In the continuation of marriage, character is a very important factor, and the emotional feelings are worthy of respect.

And women want to have a status in the marriage and family, and the economic ability cannot be ignored. Imagine that if Wu Jiangli can be at a high position in her husband’s company, then it can curb her husband’s arbitrarian relationship in the company.Even when you want to divorce, you must consider the company’s stability.The status of similar status can make marriage better.

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