Repeated headaches affect daily life and work, you should pay more attention to these matters

Introduction: Migraphy is a common headache disease. It is defined by medical academics as a chronic neuropathic disease. Repeated attacks affect our daily life.But in daily life, you must have encountered this situation: if you say that you have a headache, others will disdain that you must be under pressure and insufficient rest.But sometimes, we obviously do not feel the pressure or insufficient rest, and there are still migraine.


Therefore, migraine may not be caused by insufficient rest or excessive pressure. I hope everyone will finish this article. In the future, I will meet the person or the people around me. Don’t conclude too early.Next, with my explanation, go to the article to find the truth about migraine!


The symptoms of migraine headache are diverse, there are different manifestations of different condition periods, and even a sign before migraine occurs

1. Constipation

Patients can really feel that they will have some signs before they can feel their migraine. Constipation is one of them, and sometimes constipation will be accompanied by loss of appetite.This is undoubtedly a worse for a constipation like the snow, causing physical weakness and further development. In terms of appearance, the patient can be observed that the patient’s mood is sometimes low and sometimes high.Repeated impermanence, emotional fluctuations.


2. Unusual audiovisual ability

Abnormal audiovisual ability is also one of the common signs of patients with migraine. Patients sometimes feel that there are things flying through or flashing and dark spots in front of them. In severe cases, there will even be blurred vision and lack of vision.Sometimes there are other sensory problems, such as numbness on the face or body, acupuncture in arms or legs, and even speech disorders, tinnitus or hallucinations, unprecedented convulsions or other actions.The front -wheel drive can be as short as a few minutes or to a hour.

3. Stick headache

Migraine headache generally lasts 4 to 72 hours.The frequency of migraine varies from person to person.Some patients only occur occasionally, and some patients happen several times a month.During the headache, patients may have severe fighting pain. Sometimes they are involved in one or one eye on one side or one eye, sometimes manifested as bilateral headache, sensitive to light and sound, sometimes sensitive to odor and touch, nausea, vomiting, vision, visionVague, dizziness or syncope.



How does migraine cause?Various reasons, the most common of these 7

1. Genetic cause

Migraphy is inherited and susceptible, and about 60%of migraine patients have family history.If a person has a migraine, his relatives have three times the possibility of partial headache.Some scholars have found a special mutation gene in patients with migraine, and have certain ingrained chromosomal genetic genetic and comprehensive seizures. This migraine is called family hemiplegia migraine (FHM).

2. excitement nerve cell disorders

Other scholars have found that there is a type of nervous system excitability related genetic mutations related to common migraine types related to the common migraine type. It is speculated that the migraine is related to the disorders of the excitability of the brain nerve cells.


3. Endocrine and metabolic factor abnormalities

This factor is very obvious in clinical manifestations, especially for factors related to female hormone levels. Female migraine may be three times that of men, especially in adolescent women.Seizure again.

4. Improper diet

Cheese -containing cheese, meat containing nitrate, pickled foods, chocolate containing phenyline, sodium glutamate, and asbaba.

Drinks rich in alcohol and caffeine can cause migraine.In addition, not eating or fasting can cause migraine.


5. Caused by stress for a long time

Long -term high pressure, often feel nervous, or emotional fluctuations are relatively large. Improper pressure release can cause migraine.

6. Feeling stimulation

I believe that when you encounter strong light, loud sound, strong smell, etc., you will feel very disgusted. However, when the stimulus appears in his own state, it is very likely that people will have a migraine.External studies have shown that changes in weather or air pressure, oral contraceptives and vascular dilatants can also cause or aggravate migraine.

7. Sleep cause

Insufficient sleep or too much sleep can cause migraine.Or excessive fatigue, migraine may occur after strong B, including sexual activity.


Migraine headache is not easy to treat, but prevention is not difficult. Patients can try these methods to relieve the condition.

1. Take antidepressant drugs

Three -ring antidepressant drugs can reduce the frequency of migraine, and Amidin has proven to be effective in preventing migraine.In addition, the study shows that a rhotin, a serotonin and renaline rejunction inhibitors, may help prevent migraine.However, selective 5-hydroxyline re-intake inhibitors have not been proven to effectively prevent migraine, and may even worsen or cause headaches.

At the same time, some antiepileptic drugs, such as sodium propyate and Topimate, can reduce the incidence of migraine.However, at high doses, these antiepileptic drugs may cause side effects.Sodium propyate can cause nausea, tremor, weight gain, hair loss and dizziness.Topimate may cause diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, difficulty memory and inattention.

2. Try psychotherapy

The psychotherapy of migraine is mainly based on behavioral therapy, including relaxation, biological feedback and cognitive therapy.The main purpose of relaxation therapy is to reduce the activation of various physical systems and promote relaxation.Biological feedback can use various instruments to measure, amplification and feedback to the patient’s body information, such as measuring muscle tension (muscle and biological feedback therapy), skin resistance (electric-skin biological feedback therapy) or environmental body temperature (temperature biological feedback therapy) (temperature biological feedback therapy), To achieve the relaxation of biological feedback.Cognitive therapy can treat patients by instructing patients to better deal with headache and other psychological disease -related stress reactions to treat recurrent headaches.


3. Sleep must be sufficient

For adults, high -quality sleep includes the following five points: fast entering the state of sleep; fast sleep; less dreams; can get up quickly; after getting up, feel happy.For minors who are still growing, high -quality sleep mainly refers to ensuring sleep time.From a doctor’s perspective, it is recommended to fall asleep before 10 pm.Otherwise, lack of sleep will bring a series of harms, not just migraine is a hidden danger, which affects people’s healthy life.

4. Pay attention to the combination of labor and rest

This may be the cause of migraine migraine in most cases.When a person is too tired, the body is exhausted, and the spirit is relatively low. If the weak body suffers from some external stimuli at this time, it will easily cause migraine.Therefore, pay attention to rest, just work or entertainment must be moderate.


Conclusion: Migraine headaches are very common. Do not despise it, of course, you should not ignore it too much.I hope that everyone can actively enrich some disease science popularization knowledge and beware of minor disease like migraine.Keep a healthy lifestyle, get up early and get up early, and eat a healthy diet, so as to escort healthy life.

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