Remember this, eating oranges will never be afraid of "getting angry"

Speaking of the most popular fruits in winter, Orange must be on the list.But, after eating oranges for so many years, have you really eaten right?Do you know about these knowledge of oranges below?

Eating oranges is easy to "get angry"?

They are all eating too much trouble

The most important reason why eating oranges is easy to "get angry" is -eat too much.

Orange mouth is sour and sweet, which contains a lot of sugar and organic acids.Too many sugar intake can cause high blood sugar load and cause acne; high sugar and acidic ingredients can also stimulate oral and oral mucosa, causing oral ulcers.

Acne and oral ulcers are usually recognized as the symptoms of "getting angry".

In addition, oranges, as the "best" of carotene content in citrus fruits, are easy to face a problem -transform into "Little Yellow".Although this is only temporary, it can be recovered in two days and will not affect health, but it will definitely mind for people who love beauty.

Therefore, when you eat oranges, you must control the amount.The dietary guide recommends that adults eat 200-350 grams of fresh fruits a day, which means that medium-sized oranges can eat 2 or 3 a day. Even a small sugar orange, it is best not to exceed 10 a day.

In addition, after eating a mouthful, it can also help reduce the trouble.

Orange peel after peeling

It’s best not to touch the balloon

The Zhejiang Yiwu Fire Rescue Detachment had done an experiment: they squeezed the orange juice on the balloon and found that the balloon exploded instantly; the balloon was touched with the hands that just finished the orange, and the balloon exploded.

The reason why oranges can detonate balloons are mainly orange peels.The skin of citrus fruits such as oranges and oranges contains aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. The substance is very dissolved in rubber and can be dissolved instantly.

The balloon is the rubber product, which is full of a large amount of gas. When a certain place suddenly thinner or ruptured, an explosion may occur under pressure.

Of course, whether the balloon will explode in the end, it depends on the thickness of the rubber, the amount of gas in the balloon, and the amount of orange skin juice. However, for safety considerations, it is recommended that everyone:

When eating citrus fruits such as oranges, oranges, lemon, try not to get close to the balloon;

The hands that peel these peels should be cleaned first to touch the balloon;

Especially if you have children at home, don’t let your children eat oranges while playing balloons.

Orange peel dry

It is not equal to "Chenpi"

Many friends think that after eating the remaining orange peels on the window sill, they can become "Chenpi" when they are dry and can be used to soak in water.But this is not the case.

You know, after being washed and dry, it is generally necessary to let it go for more than 3 years in order to be called Chenpi. It is a good product for more than 15 years.In other words, it is actually just peeling for less than 3 years.

In addition, if you do n’t have enough environment, if the environment is not clean and hygienic, some microorganisms are contaminated during the process, and then it may cause gastroenteritis or even more serious health crisis after consumption.

Therefore, if you want to eat Chenpi, it is recommended that you go to the pharmacy to buy it directly.

Picked oranges

Can’t just look at "appearance"

Many friends have only one principle of picking oranges -looking at the appearance, they feel that they look good, they must be fresh and delicious.Then take this opportunity today, Xiao Er will share with you three tips for picking oranges ~

Tip 1: Look at the orange :

Generally speaking, the oranges are green oranges more fresh.In addition, the orange pitch will be sweeter when it is depressed, and the orange efrion is relatively sour.

Tip 2: Look at the orange peel

The surface of the orange peel is relatively smooth, the upper on it is relatively fine, usually thin and juicy in the meat; and those raised oranges with large surface bango, large particles, and large peels are generally thick and less water.

Tip 3: Press the elasticity

Gently press the oranges with your hands and feel that the flesh is strong and elastic. There is no obvious gap between the peel and the flesh. Generally, it is relatively fresh, and it tastes sweet and juicy.It is difficult to buy back, so it is not recommended to buy it.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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