Remember Meng Jingxian in "Zhen Huan Biography"?Can’t recognize it?

Hi ~ o (*(▽  ̄*) ブ, little oranges!

Maybe you still remember the story of "Library’s power outage for 30 seconds"?

(The story of this stalk is probably: the boy gave his girlfriend a birthday. When the girl’s birthday closed, she received the news of another girl and said that the library was afraid of power out of power. Finally, the girl said that I did n’t know that I closed my eyes and made a wish.In the 30 seconds of you was planning and my future, I was worried about her in the library.)

Next "Zhen Huan Biography" 30 seconds incident,

Although late!

Remember the gentle and atmospheric side of the King of Guojun, Jin Meng Jingxian?

(Very tolerated and affectionate love for King Guojun King)

Poisoned at the palace banquet due to mistaken eating Liu Gehong’s food.

At this time, Orange wants to ask King Guojun ↓

In the thirty seconds of Meng Jingxian’s poisonous hair, you were distressed that her life was short long,

Fortunately, the bowl of poisonous porridge is not poisonous to your beloved Zhen Huan (crying)

At the moment when Meng Jingxian poisoned, he must be distressed this side Fujin, who was about to die,

When he wakes up, he may also be fortunate that she has no poisoning,

Because he was fortunate to die for Zhen Huan after drinking poisonous wine.

But then, is it really simple to come back?

(The following ideas are speculated by orange ~)

Remove the draft due to illness (this is the fate that Zhen Huan can’t avoid it)

At the beginning, King Guojun did not marry her, and she knew everything in the city.

In order to appease the minister, the emperor made King Guojun married her.

When I entered the palace with my husband,

King Guojun just wanted to pull her sleeve to remind her to leave,

Instead, Meng Jingxian held his hand and declared sovereignty,

There is no less in the house to add to Huanbi,

(It is said that there are many more than a dozen episodes deleted in "Zhen Huan Biography".

Children who are pregnant after giving the husband after medicine,

After knowing my life, I said the truth of pregnancy and showed weakness to Huanbi.

Huanbi really treats her child.

You can only say that she is really smart!

Let’s go back to Meng Jingxian’s actor -Yang Qi,

Born on June 14, 1988 in Yantai, Shandong,

It is a student of the 2006 performance department of Beijing Film Academy (and Zhu Yilong, Gao Ye is a classmate, a master’s degree in art in 2016)

She loves the drama,

On behalf of the Beijing Film Academy, she participated in the Edinburgh Art Festival in the UK.

(The art festival was founded in 1947. The oldest and largest art festival in the world history. The invited participating targets are top people in various art fields and deep potential rookies.)

Acting in the English version of the multimedia drama "The Dream of Midsummer Night",

This play is also rated as "excellent four -star drama" in the art festival.

Play the Empress Dowager Cixi in the original drama "Style Thunder" of the National Grand Theater.

Participated in the drama "Venice Merchant" and played Bowaia.

Stown in "The Dream of Midsummer Night", playing the queen.

Play Mrs. Philfield in "Jane Ai".

Not only did she love the show, she also starred in many TV series, creating a number of characters with a variety of personalities.

During the school, Yang Qi starred in the TV series "Big Porcelain Merchants" directed by Wu Ziu,

Participated in the TV series "The Legend of the Master of Huang Mei", and played Deng Wenbin’s wife and Xing Xun’s apprentice He Xian in the play.

In the anti -Japanese epic drama "National Memory" starring Zhang Fengyi and Shen Peiyi, she played the battlefield nurse Shan Yingqiu.

The main theme TV series "The Red Army East Expedition", which reflects the Red Army East Expedition in 1936

Starring in the urban emotional drama "Fall in Love".

The drama "Detective Yang Jinbang" led by Huang Zongze, who starred in the dating drama "Detective Detective Yang Jinbang", and played the sweet and heroic Lu Yan’er in the play.

In the legendary epic drama "Chishui River National Best", she played Xue Ruhua with a strong character and superb martial arts.

However, these characters have not left a very deep impression on the audience.

She doesn’t seem to care whether she can be on fire, she

In recent years, it seems that it has slowly retired?

Rarely appear in TV series, and do not often show their faces in the entertainment industry, more to enjoy their comfortable life.

Everyday is to go out to picnic,

Look at the scenery ↓

(In the Great Wall ~)

(In the Forbidden City ~)

(On the North Mariana Islands ~)

(In Tokyo ~)

(In Phuket ~)

Daily business photos are also expensive ↓

(Hold the elegant Qianjin!)

Sister’s birthday every year is delicious!It was surrounded by love!

This sister’s life is really comfortable and exquisite life.

Ask daily,

When will orange live such a life wow T_T

The last sentence

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