Relieve the breast bloating and painful strategy of pregnant mothers

Breast pain in pregnant mothers is a common problem during pregnancy. Breast pain during pregnancy is normal. Generally, special attention does not need to pay special attention.But how can we relieve the breast pain of pregnant mothers?Xiaobian collected some methods of relieving the breast tenderness of pregnant mothers for pregnant mothers. Let’s take a look at the small strategy of alleviating the breast tenderness of the pregnant mother.

1. Pregnant mothers choose the right bra.

The suitable bras of pregnant mothers should have the characteristics that can be ease at will. As the bust increases, the size of the bras needs to be adjusted accordingly; the correct position where the bras support the nipples should be the horizontal position between the nipple line between the elbow and the shoulder to prevent the breast from preventing the breast from the breast.The weight of the bra is pulled towards the back.

2 Pregnant mothers pay attention to breast cleaning.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to breast cleaning, and breast cleaning can help prevent breast pipes from blocking.Pregnant mothers can prepare a clean towel when cleaning the breast, clean the breasts with warm water every day, and do not cause the nipple irritation or soreness when scrubbing.In the last 3 months of pregnancy, you can use dry towels to rub the nipples to enhance the toughness of the nipple, which helps prevent the nipple rupture.After cleaning the breast, it is best to apply a small amount of olive oil to the nipples, and gently rotate the nipples with index finger and thumb.

3 Pregnant mothers should pay attention to nipple care.

Pregnant mothers placed their thumbs near the depression nipples with both hands, pressed the breast tissue under the force, and then gradually pushed the areola positions.Do it 4 to 5 times every morning or before falling asleep. After the nipples are slightly protruding, slightly lift it with your fingers to make it more prominent.Every time I clean the breast, after drying the soft towel, I pinch the nipple roots with my fingers and gently pull out the nipples, and knead the nipples for several minutes.

The above is the entire content of the "Relieving the Breast Breast Drows and Pain in Pregnant Moms".Pregnant mothers can try the above little strategy to relieve breast tenderness.If you are interested in related information, pay more attention to our platform.

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