Regret when you are pregnant?Don’t commit 4 mistakes before pregnancy

Can a child ask for drinking before pregnancy?


I knew I was pregnant yesterday. This time I was accidentally pregnant. The doctor said that I was pregnant for more than 1 month.My career is sales, and there are many entertainment. In the past month, I drank a lot of alcohol.Excuse me, I am pregnant by accident, can this child stay?Listening to friends said that drinking can give birth to a malformed baby before pregnancy. What should I do?


Smoking and drinking are taboos before pregnancy. Alcohol will have a bad effect on the eggs. In addition, if you drink for a long time, you drink so much in the month of pregnancy, which may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. Your fetal baby may face insufficient weight and development.Slowly, even low intelligence.

However, we do n’t say accurate deformity. It is recommended that you conduct early fetal ultrasonic screening within the 11-14 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to detecting death deformed by brainless children, you can also detect the fetal neck transparency by detecting the fetal neck.Layer thickness, early evaluation of the risk of abnormal illness of fetal chromosomes.After obeying the doctor’s advice, at least now it is absolutely necessary to ban smoking and alcohol.

expert’s point:

Hao Aiyong (Secretary -General of the East China Equipment Association): Smoking, alcoholism, and drug use can cause fetal malformations, because tobacco, ethanol and drug components belong to the X -level X of drug classification.

What effect does I have a cold medicine before pregnancy?


About a month before pregnancy, I got a serious cold, so I took a lot of cold medicine. I took about eight or nine days in a row, and then I became pregnant.Now that the fetus is about 35 days, I would like to ask, would it affect the fetus before taking cold medicine?Will the fetus stop developing?


There were many sisters who had a cold before pregnancy and then took a cold medicine.If you take western medicine and have a fever above 38 degrees, it lasts for 3 days, which will have a greater impact on embryonic development.Especially 3 months before pregnancy, it is the sensitive period of fetal nerve tube development, which can easily cause fetal malformations.

Theoretically, the effect of drugs on embryos has no effect during the early pregnancy (within 70 days of menopause), that is, if there is an impact, the embryo will not develop well, such as vaginal bleeding, stomach pain, etc., or it will beNatural abortion.This situation can also be regarded as the role of nature to survive the fittest, so do not blindly protect the fetus.

In view of this situation, it is recommended to do a detailed examination first, to see the results of the inspection, then confirm whether to continue pregnancy.

If taking emergency contraceptives fails, the accidental pregnancy child stays?


As soon as I got married, my husband and I were busy with my career and did not plan to have children for the time being, but my father -in -law was anxious.Now that I have been diagnosed with pregnancy, it should be that time, and the contraceptive set after AA with my husband was broken, but I took emergency contraceptives (Jin Yuting) at the time.I don’t understand why I was still pregnant … my father -in -law has explicitly stated that she could not be killed, but I heard that if I took contraceptives before I was pregnant, it might not be good for the fetus.Fortunately, should I leave this child?What impact can emergency contraceptives affect the fetus?


Someone may be envious of you, "The contraceptive set is broken, and the emergency contraceptive pills have not stopped the child’s arrival. It can be seen that this sperm is really very brave, maybe the child can really give birth to a small genius …"

In reality, it is not uncommon for taking emergency contraceptives and contraceptive failures.If you are pregnant after the condom is broken, it is generally no effect on the fetus. After all, the condom is encountered by blocking sperm eggs without any impact on the sperm egg itself.Emergency contraceptives are different. The principle of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives is mainly to inhibit ovulation and ovulation and ovulation after taking drugs, or make endometrial development from synchronizing, and prevent the pregnant eggs from bed.

Therefore, although you are already pregnant, hormones in emergency contraceptives have affected the environment in the palace.It is recommended that you do a comprehensive discharge examination to determine the development of the fetus before making a decision.

expert’s point:

Hao Aiyong (Secretary -General of the East China Early Equity Association): For the week after the fertilization of January pregnancy, many doctors think that this time is not tight. Based on these two weeks, they are called non -teratogenic sensitive periods.It will lead to malformations, and natural harm is very small. Do n’t you know, this is a big mistake. These two weeks, also known as the maximum toxic sensitivity period. Although the deformities are less, the overall quality of the fertilized eggs is greater.The damage to the embryo of the toxic and harmful substances is larger than any time during pregnancy.

Will the X -ray before pregnancy affect the fetus?


I organized a medical examination for the first two months. At that time, I tested it without thinking about it. A chest X -ray was also done. At that time, I might just be in the ovulation period.The idea of children? "Now I have just confirmed that I am pregnant. I heard that the impact of X -rays will last for several months. I am worried that it will affect the child, but I want to retain this child!I really regretted dying, and I didn’t do that chest thoroughly at the time.Please give me pointers, what should I do?Should this child continue to conceive?


The irradiation of medical X -rays can hurt the germ cells in the body. Therefore, in order to avoid the impact of the X -ray on the next generation, the X -ray perspective (especially abdominal perspective) or scan should be avoided in order to avoid the impact of the X -ray on the next generation.

Chest threatening is radiated on the human body. Although occasional examinations have little impact on the human body, you just check the ovulation period, and the probability of may be affected is relatively large. It should also have-fixed impact on the fetus.However, as for the influence, it depends on the specific situation.If you want to continue your pregnancy, it is recommended that you do a good job of health care during pregnancy, regular prenatal examinations, closely observe the development of the fetus, and go to the hospital in time.

expert’s point:

Hao Aiyong (Secretary -General of the East China Early Education Association): In nature, no matter the harm of any material to follicles, it can exceed radiation; and the role of carcinogenic teratogenic mutations of radiation is also widely known.

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