Recently, high scores of high scores: strong push "Xichunlai" how the female lead messed the hearts of old and antiques

5 This recent high score ending old saying:

1 "Xichunlai"

2 "Emperor and Palace"

3 "Xiao Tong Fang of Sick Jiao"

4 "The Lord of the County Finally Leaves"

5 "The standing is actually the king itself"

It ’s good! I do n’t have to say that the plot of the writing is not bad! There are few emotional lines and the romance that is very restrained. The female lead crosses back to ancient times. When the female master engages in her career, it is a bit hot, countless text!

The hostess was wearing it, and when I came over, it was a one -night stand scene. I hurriedly ran away. I thought that she had no identity as a black household, but found that a girl in ancient times was exactly the same as herself. The heroine inherited her memory and identity.EssenceThis parent is too strange. The hostess was fighting the wisdom with the family in the early stage and found the method of making money. Everyone survived the front.In modern times, the heroine is a calligraphy, a talented woman who can paint, and even eight essays can be written.The male lead is the servant of the high power and heavy households. He has won the trust and love of the emperor. He is super handsome, but he puts his family in the first place in the country. The twenty -ninth old bachelor is still a special. His story is very special. His storyI also cried well, I won’t start here.

The next step is that the heroine finds that she is pregnant, and then the child is four years old.The child has to let the parents meet at the age of three or four. Good guy, this article in this article is 10 years old [Crying]!It is very cute, and is exactly the same as the male lead. Maybe the female main fetal medicine has taken more medicine [crying] The child speaks late when he was a child, his body is not very good, very good and beautiful, and you do n’t know if you are bullied.Distressed !!The child is very clever and perfectly inherited the ability of his father’s overwhelming. He also has the teachings of the heroine. He is only 10 years old.

I was 10 years old when I saw the children, and the male and female masters were ready to meet. I wanted to run, but the rhythm was quite fast. The plot attracted me to continue watching.Those who conquered the women who looked down on, and also conquered the male lead. The two of them were completely contrary to each other.with love!

Since the male lead shocked the heroine at a glance, he found that the female lead began to dream every day after being looking for a pen friend, or he dreamed of lingering with the heroine, or he dreamed of the heroine on his own bed, or dreaming that the two became married.Hahahaha, this old learning is going crazy! I pointed to everyone Chapter 72 of the female lead, the male lead can’t sit still hahahaha !! He said to the heroine: Saying liberty, a certain plan for his husband for a long time.Then he suddenly proposed !! [Look]

The ridiculous abolition Emperor VS is the cold palace girl.The heroine is the maiden of the queen mother. When she was at the age of the palace, her family also gave her a good relationship, but she was sent to the male lead as an eyeliner by the queen mother.The male lead was reborn. Before the dying of the previous life, the heroine took the initiative to bury him, which moved him too much. He was born again. He secretly poured the heroine to the sky at the same time.I do n’t listen, all the heroines say hahaha.The male lead is a heavenly place every day. The female lead is like an old mother who has broken the heart for the child. Every day chasing the male lead to pack up, the male lead will re -enable the gods behind.

There was a clip that laughed. The male lead asked the female lead to come to his palace. The female lead edited the family casually that she gave her a person. She didn’t want to marry, so she came here.As a result, the male lead had to ask the heroine how the female lead was unwilling to marry.I do n’t read the name of the test, nor do I do business, and I know every day I know that eating and sleeping and spending time.Do the male lead think this is not himself? It feels like being connotative hahahahahaha is so worried!

The male and female masters were born again. The male lead in the previous life failed to protect the female lead.The heroine of the rebirth of the first life wants to escape, not the male lead, and the male lead directly exposes his illness attributes, and the domineering general forced love [see].But I feel that the female lead is soft and weak, and there is no characteristic. The heroine girlfriend’s pair of auxiliary CP is better. It is a female physician, optimistic and cheerful, and there is a cold -noodle command of a bamboo horse.A few words to the heroine’s girlfriends [applaud]

Generally, the male lead is all kinds of dogs and various abuses in the early stage.I first looked at this one first. I ca n’t read it. Without comparison, there is no harm. Under the comparison of Master Yu, this male lead is too recruited in the early stage [laughs and cry]

The male lead is a three prince who has not been favored but looks like the prince. He has a white moonlight (a green tea).

Once the female lead was rescued by the male lead, she had revenge, and the male lead was very similar to the old man, so he was planned as the male owner.The female lead and the male lead Bai Yueguang looked a bit like. Everyone thought that the male lead used the female lead as a stand -in. In fact, the heroine also used the male lead as a stand -in.

The male lead gradually fell in love with the heroine in the relationship, and also saw the true face of Bai Yueguang. However, the heroine only became a stand -in when the male lead was a stand -in. After the timing matured, he did not love to die.

The male lead thought that the heroine was killed, and the soul lost his soul. After finding the female lead, he found that he was also a substitute, and behind was chasing his wife’s cremation field.(Point you to the road 77)

The male lead is younger than the female lead, and is a younger brother Hahaha Ao Jiao cute but cruel!But he was a good dog in the early days. I saw that my fist was hard, although the heroine also used him to think of comfort.

The male lead is not a human series: "The whole school is the only one", "The Pluto Bride", "The male is a ghost"

The wealthy female lead series: "Born and Rich Life", "How to Ene about her and charming" is so interesting

The male lead series!He loved his fortune, but he married Miss Prosperous because of love, right?

The male lead has a contrast: Gao Leng Mo in front of the person, Lao Tzu, in front of the heroine, he is proud of his love to cry

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