Really pregnant?Big S is weak enough to get out of bed, and Ge Junzheng feeds drinks and feeds the mouth to the mouth feed

Recently, Ge Junzhang’s program on Little S has attracted many people’s onlookers and heated discussions, because the love story of Gu Junyu and Big S is still very attractive. Of course, many fans are blessings, and many fans are voicing.EssenceHowever, the topic of the two people continued to soar, so Jun Jun also became more and more exposed.

On the show of Xiao S, Ge Junxuan said that Big S’s body was very weak, and sometimes he couldn’t get out of bed, so feeding himself was feeded one by one.Gu Junyu continued to say that sometimes the big S was tired for a while, so she had to help her go to bed and take a good rest.

In this regard, Xiao S also pointed out whether Ge Junyi would feed her sister drink with her mouth. Gu Junyi nodded shyly, saying that it was really like this.This behavior is also shocked by the three views of netizens.Many netizens have expressed their daily life of Jun Jun and Da S, or deliberately show affection on the show?

Many netizens also questioned, is the big S really pregnant with three babies?Otherwise, how can I not be able to get out of bed often means that my body is very weak.Sometimes even say that walking on the ground will be tired for a while. Isn’t this the sense of vision of pregnant women?So netizens have speculated whether the big S is for love to fight for three babies for Ge Jun, it is really possible.

But crazy love brains.Moreover, Zhong Liti is still trying to get pregnant for Zhang Lunshuo over half a year.

In this regard, many netizens have expressed their worries, because the Xu family has always said that big S has epilepsy, and having children will hurt the body very much, and will not let the big S give birth to children.And when they first got married, they said that they would not hold a wedding or have children.But in the end, it proved that Da S Junjun still held a wedding, but did you know if there would be a child?

You should know that when Da S gave birth to a second child for Wang Xiaofei, Big S was almost killed. Now, do you still have to fight for three babies for Ge Junjun?It seems really true love.Many fans have begun to call Big S, hoping that Big S should not be impulsive. Do not cost your life health and safety.

When Gu Junjun was interviewed in South Korea before, he said that he was regrettable without a child.And Gu Junyu’s mother also said that she had abandoned the second marriage of others, and she was full of expectations for others, so she really did not know if the big S would make a more impulsive behavior to make up for Ge Junye.Essence

Really pregnant?Big S was so weak that he couldn’t get out of bed. Gu Junyi feeded drinks and feeding his mouth.Since Da S and Ge Junjun’s official love, no reporters have taken too much S. You must know that paparazzi are staring at them, but but I have not seen big S, it is enough to see the big S.If you go out, it can be seen that the big S is really weak.But as others, we can only bless.

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