Rabbit feeding manual

Not much to say, go directly to dry goods: young rabbits, one-month-6 months old, unlimited 苜蓿 ➕ Timoreci (gradually decreased with age after three months, increasing Timosi grass)4%, vegetables can be gradually added after March.Junior rabbit, 7 months-one year old, unlimited Timomotica, a small amount of cymbals, rabbit food is still 4%of weight. At this time, you can add fruits and give it 10%per kilogram of weight.Fruits should be as little as possible, limited to about 15 grams, because the water content is too large, it is easy to cause dilute.Adult rabbit, one year-old-five years old, unlimited Timothycao ➕ Other grass, rabbit grains are 1.5%-3%of weight, vegetables and fruits per kilogram of weight 20%(<20 grams) elderly rabbits, six or more years oldMoses grass ➕ Other grass, rabbit grains are 1.5%-3%of weight, 20%weight per kilogram (<20 grams) per kilogram of fruits and vegetables. At this time, rabbits are not very old.Use.

The above is the rules of the overall stage feeding. Below is based on the specific situation of the rabbit: the spine bone festival of the rabbit is prominent, that is, the rabbit food is 1%in the case.Rabbits are small in weight, and they can be fed in a small amount when they grow slowly.After determining the number of fetuses, the pregnant rabbit can feed the female rabbit according to the number of fetus.Look at the feces: soft and thick (that is, dried grass, especially Ti Moses, etc.), so as to add green (that is, vegetable water, fruit moisturizes the intestines), and then add medicine (soft stool, black water, etc.).

In addition to the basic knowledge above, many people have many people see many rabbit snacks on the Internet, and those molar rods, don’t buy it!IntersectionIntersectionThe best snacks are our fruits and fruits.Clean nutrition and hygiene.Moreover, the main grass (Ti Moses, etc., north -eunthing teeth, Nandi suitable for older rabbits) can play a role of molars in itself. As long as you give enough amount, you are not afraid that the teeth of the rabbits are crooked.As for other products, such as wet towels (without alcoholic, babies, rabbits do not like to take a bath, you can use this wipe), comb, alcohol disinfection (cleaning cage, be sure to clean), urine pads (urination), one time at one timeFilm (convenient cleaning), dehuminating wood grains (urinating does not allow the home to have urine flavor), toilets, etc. are sold online, you can consider buying.

The above is today’s sharing.Hope to help families and children who have rabbits.Another is a safe food for rabbits. For reference only, it depends on whether rabbits can be accepted.Feeding is still a nail cover size. See if there is a bad reaction for rabbits for 24 hours!IntersectionIntersection

Rabbit safe food:

1. Vegetables: carrots, cabbage, beet leaves, nine -story tower, bud.

2. Fruit: apples, blueberries, watermelon, mango, papaya, pineapple.(Remember, a small amount!)

3. Flowers: apple flowers, chamomile, daisy, lavender, rose, rosemary, sunflower (do not worry about these people, do not fear that rabbits will die after being stuck, but do n’t let the rabbits stay too long for too long, be careful of your garden gardenGone)

4, branches (can be used for molars): willow, apple trees, birch trees, maple trees, hawthorn trees, etc.

5. Medicinal plants: dandelion (diuretic detoxification, high calcium, adult elderly rabbits cautious), padda (diuretic), front of carbisher sage (antibacterial), rosemary (relieving pain), perilla (supplement nutrition)

These medicinal plants can occasionally feed once in a short period of time, one a day, a small amount, and do not take at most for more than one month. It is not suitable for pregnant rabbits and young rabbits less than four months.

In addition, these medicinal plants occasionally eat snacks.Once the rabbit is sick, it is best to go to a pet hospital to see a doctor.These tips are only a health care role, and they cannot really treat diseases.

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