R month’s best taste period, fat, sweet and sweet strict selection to make oysters

Eating oysters has the so -called "R Rule", that is, in the name, there is a R -character month (September to April), which is extremely fat and full.From now until April next year, it is the best taste period of France, Australia and Japanese oysters.The variety of oysters is different from the origin, and the taste and taste are very different. If you like early adopters, you can take advantage of this season, the delicate fresh oysters are sweet.

French famous oysters are sweet and crispy

The more frozen the weather, the more oysters are made.After the autumn, there are more than only Australian oysters and Japanese Hiroshima oysters, but also seasonal oysters from France.Pivo CZECH BAR, which focuses on the Modern European, has just added fresh -keeping cold cabinets specially designed for oysters in the restaurant. It is shipped at least twice from French oyster area to Hong Kong every week.Special Roland Lambert, La Deesse Blanche and Divine.

Among the grade French oysters with size, the Special Roland Lambert, known as the French sapphire, is mainly produced in the unpolluted sea area of Marennes-OLERON. The oyster meat is plump and solid, with natural minerals and seawater flavor, and the layers are clear.In addition, the French like to distinguish the oyster species in the shape of the oyster shell, such as Fine de Claire, one of the three famous oysters in France, belongs to curved oysters. The growth environment has unique algae and floating creatures.The taste is sweet and crispy, and the smell of fruit is exuded.

Australian stone oyster mineral abundant

In addition to French oysters, Japanese Hiroshima Oyster, which starts in October each year, is also a seasoned seafood.Local oyster people respond to the level of oyster meat. Large live fresh goods are usually sashimi -level seafood, and there are fresh and frozen packaging, which is suitable for processing into cooking.Because Hiroshima oysters are sweet and juicy, as long as it is appropriate, it can retain its sweet and tender taste.

Like Japanese Hiroshima Oyster, the stone oysters of Sydney in Australia also stepped into the most umami.Steak King, a high -grade ingredient, is regularly imported from the local entrance to Sydney oysters every week. It has a variety of seawater, minerals and fresh sweet flavors. The meat is smooth and slippery than ordinary oysters.In addition, Steak King will hold oyster classes every month, professors and sharing of oyster -opening skills, and the secrets of oysters with wine.Each guest can learn and try oysters in the classroom, and taste the unique flavor of Sydney stone oysters and wine, and finally get a professional oyster knife, oyster certificate and a dozen oysters.

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