Qingdao pregnant expert Yu Ping: The monthly test strip is positive, why is it still impossible?

Ovulation test strips are very convenient and fast for women who are currently prepared. Every month, you can clearly understand when you ovulate through ovulation test strips and start your pregnancy through the prompts of ovulation test strips.But many female friends asked me: "Director, I have a normal menstruation, I come on time every month, the ovulation test strip is positive every month, why can’t I be pregnant?" In response to this situation, today I will tell you to youSome of the more common reasons, hope to give you some help.

First of all, the chance of a normal couple with a normal body is not 100%of the chance of pregnancy. If you have not been pregnant for 2 or 3 months of ovulation guidance through ovulation test strips, you can not worry first, you can relax, and then you can relax, and then you can relax. Then you can relax. Then you can relax. Then you can relax.Continue to try.However, if you have been trying through the ovulation test paper for more than half a year, some even a year, you must pay attention to it and go to the hospital for related examination as soon as possible.So, monitoring through ovulation test strips is positive every month, why can’t you be pregnant?

If women want to succeed in pregnancy, there are a few necessary conditions:

1. Women have healthy eggs and ovulate normally;

2. Men have healthy little tadpoles;

3. Female fallopian tubes are unobstructed;

4. Women have a healthy uterus;

5. Women’s endocrine is normal and can support the normal development of the embryo.

Through the above conditions, you can see that if you want to succeed in pregnancy, ovulation is just one of the necessary conditions.Monitoring through ovulation test strips is positive, but it means that "possibilities" have ovulation, but if other conditions are not satisfied, they cannot conceive.Why is "possible" ovulation?I will tell you this later.

Therefore, if women are monitored and tried by ovulation test strips for several months, if they still can’t get pregnant, they must check whether there are problems in other areas.I still suggest that both the couple checked together. The man is relatively simple. Check the quality of the semen in about an hour or so, and eliminate this factors first.The woman is relatively complicated. If there is irregular menstruation, scarcity of menstruation, or even amenorrhea, you need to check the endocrine. At the same time, I recommend checking whether there is a problem with the fallopian tube through the fallopian tubal angiography.Through these basic inspections, you can clearly understand the reproductive conditions of both husband and wife, and there are problems with symptomatic treatment. If there is no problem, you can continue to try your pregnancy.Of course, these tests are not infertile all inspections, and there are some such as: immune infertility examination, chromosome examination, etc. I think that it can be done in the early stage, and the inspection items can be selected as appropriate according to the treatment situation.

If each woman comes with menstruation, the fallopian tube, etc. There are no problems through inspection. The ovulation test strip test is positive every month, but still cannot get pregnant.This is what I said above has an ovulation.Why is it "possible"?

The ovulation test strip is to measure the luteal germin in human urine. The higher the concentration of the luteal formation, the darker the displayed color, the closer to the peak.When the second bars are darker with ovulation test strips, it represents the arrival of Qiangyang and peaks, and then ovulation will begin.When it reaches its peak, the follicles are ruptured and the eggs are discharged.The test strip is Qiangyang, so it is said to have an ovulation?This concept is incorrect.In one case, even if the test strip test is strong, there is actually no ovulation, that is: without rupture of follicular lutein syndrome.

Unblocked follicular lutein syndrome is an ovulation disorder.There are two major aspects of ovulation disorders: 1. There are many follicles, but they are not mature.For example: polycystic ovary syndrome.2. The follicles are mature, but not ovulation."Unblocked follicle luteinization syndrome" is the second category. The follicles are mature, but the follicles do not break and do not ovulate outward.Among infertile women, the non -rupture follicular luteum syndrome accounts for about 30%, and the proportion is already very high.

No ovulation, why is ovulation test paper positive?Why are you still menstruation every month?This is because the follicles are not discharged, and the luteinization of the follicles is lutein, forming luteal, luteal secreting progesterone, and a series of effects similar to the luteum after ovulation, forming a series of pirates for normal ovulation.The follicles took all the processes before ovulation, but the most critical step "ovulation" was not completed.Therefore, the ovulation test strip can measure two red lines, and the basal body temperature is also displayed. The endometrium is transformed from the proliferation period to the secretion period.Normally, there is no "egg", which is no ovulation menstruation.

How to treat non -rupture follicular luteinization syndrome?

1. For women with endocrine abnormalities, first treat the primary disease, condition endocrine, ovulation promotes, monitor ovulation, and inject HCG to induce ovulation if necessary;

2. For patients with endometriosis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic inflammation or adhesive parcels can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine treatment or laparoscopic surgery to relieve the adhesion of the ovarian surface, so that the eggs are not hindered smoothly;

3. Women with mental stress, anxiety, and stress need to be adjusted through psychological guidance and self -adjustment.

4. For women who occasionally do not ovulate by using non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, they do not do special treatment. After stopping the drug, normal ovulation can be restored by themselves;

Patients with no broken follicles with the above factors that can be used to monitor ovulation and inject ovulation by monitoring ovulation.

Finally, I remind everyone that checking the treatment must follow the doctor’s advice, especially ovulation, and must be carried out under the monitoring of the doctor, and must not be blindly taken by yourself.In addition, for women with normal menstruation and normal examinations in various aspects, if they are not pregnant, it is recommended to check the ovulation.

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