Qianlong was a palace girl, causing her seven times to become pregnant, and was chased as the queen after death. What is this?

In 1928, the tomb of a queen in the Qing Dynasty was dug out. When people opened the coffin, they found that the queen’s body was not rotten, and the whole body was "rounded, like ancient Buddhas." After being identified by experts, he found that the corpse body was found in the body.Contains a lot of frost, is this used to resist corrosion?However, this also indirectly proved that the queen was definitely nostalgic for the emperor. Otherwise, how could anyone be so big to her to prevent her corpse rot?

The queen was the filial piety of the Emperor Xiaoyi during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.According to historical records, Qianlong was a palace girl at that time, causing her seven pregnancy to be pregnant. After death, she was chased as the queen.So, why did Empress Xiaoyi Chunchi complete a counterattack from an ordinary palace woman, and eventually became the queen?Although it has a lot to do with her appearance, it is an important reason for her to ignore her.

Emperor Xiaoyi was originally surnamed Wei. He was born in Yongzheng for five years. He belonged to the coat family of the Qing Dynasty at that time. What is the coating family?In the Qing Dynasty, coats actually meant to be a slave.Because the Qing Dynasty was the dynasty ruled by ethnic minorities, the Han people’s status was lower than that of the Manchu, and the Han people who were "coated" for the Manchuria were much higher than that of the average Han.However, no matter how high their identities are, they are still slaves in the eyes of Manchu.

The Emperor Xiaoyi Pure in history was born in such a family. Her father and grandfather had worked as a coaled pipe and belonged to the coa family under the time of Zhenghuang.However, although their identities are low, they can be regarded as middle bureaucratic families.In history, the Queen of Xiaoyi was named Wei Jiashi. His father was Wei Qingtai. He had attached great importance to the cultivation of Wei Jia’s since he was a child.

However, due to the low birth of Wei Jia’s, as soon as she entered the palace, she missed the master and was directly elected as an ordinary palace girl.However, it may be a coincidence!She was arranged to be the queen mother to be a palace girl. Because Wei Jiashi received a good education, she was naturally attractive in ordinary palace girls. Therefore, she was quickly seen by the queen mother and became the Queen Mother.For a long time, Wei Jia’s was discovered by Queen Xiaoxian again.

As a result, Wei Jia’s was taken away by Empress Xiaoxian and became the maid next to Empress Xiaoxian.The Emperor Xiaoxian in history was Qianlong’s favorite woman at the time. At the same time, because the Queen Xiaoxian was good, the prestige in the harem was relatively high. In the process of getting along with the Queen of Xiaoxian, Wei Jiashi continued to learn her character.The advantages of the top also made Queen Xiaoxian particularly like Wei Jia’s, and taught her rules in the palace.

Later, Queen Xiaoxian was pregnant. For the safety of the children in her belly, Empress Xiaoxian recommended Wei Jia’s to Qianlong and asked her to go to bed for Qianlong. Qianlong was recommended by her favorite woman at the time, so she was right.Wei Jia’s is also very good. He directly promoted her to a nobleman and became a veritable master. Since then, Wei Jia’s has opened his new life.In the ten years of Qianlong, Qianlong’s pet concubine Huixian’s concubine died.

As a new successor, Wei Jia’s was promoted to Ling Jie, becoming a new love for the Laolong Harem, and gradually rose in the harem.In the thirteenth year of Qianlong, Queen Xiaoxian died again.Wei Jiashi, as the favorite maid of Xiaoxian, was promoted to Ling Fei again by Qianlong, and began to enter the harem management senior management.It can also be seen from this that Qianlong also intends to bring Wei Jia’s and make her the master of the harem.In the sixteenth year of Qianlong, the Wei Jia’s family was pushed by Qianlong by the coat pipe.

At the same time, Xun Long also rewarded Wei Jia’s relatives a lot of Fengjue, making Wei Jia’s origin even higher.Qianlong’s Sao operation proves that Wei Jia’s status will be further improved.In the twenty -fourth year of Qianlong, Wei Jiashi was promoted to "Ling Guifei" by Qianlong again and began to manage the harem affairs.As Wei Jia’s status continues to rise, her relationship with Qianlong has become increasingly hot, becoming a woman who is petting in his later years.

There are the reasons why Qianlong emotionally "love" emotionally, but it is also inseparable from Wei Jia’s good opportunities and her personal efforts.Later, Wei Jiashi firmly controlled his heart with her strong fertility ability.From the twenty -first year of Qianlong to the ten years of Qianlong’s thirty -first year, Wei Jiashi was pregnant seven times and gave birth to the four sons and two daughters.Such a "achievement" made Qianlong look at her.

In the thirty years of Qianlong, Wei Jia’s was Jin Jin as "the concubine of the emperor" and became the master of the harem at that time.However, from beginning to end, Wei Jiashi has not been named Qianlong as the queen during his lifetime. The reason for this, analyzed from historical materials, mainly had two points. First, Wei Jia’s "coating" was born, so that Qianlong’s"Because the royal family thinks that Wei Jia’s is a slave of Han’s descent, and is not qualified to be qualified to be the world.

Secondly, it is also the most important point. At that time, Qianlong had secretly stored Wei Jia’s son Yongye. If the Queen of Wei Jia’s Jinfeng was Jinfeng, it would inevitably bring more risks to Yongyi’s standings.However, in Qianlong’s heart, he has spoiled Wei Jia’s as a queen. Not only lets her lead the harem, but she also established her son as her heir. Even after her death, in order to let Wei Jia’s enters the tomb, Qianlong chased directly to chase directly.She sealed her as the pure queen of Xiaoyi, but her desire to live in her life.

Such a woman does not seem to be fighting in her life, docile and good, but who dares to fight her in the entire harem?This may also be a kind of strategy!What do you think?

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