Princess Meghan is pregnant?Prince Harry was joked by netizens, and she was scolded "rolling out of the UK"

"Are you pregnant? Is it my child?!" Recently, when some school teachers congratulated Princess Meghan as a mother immediately, Prince Harry couldn’t help but joke, but did not expect to set off a stir on the Internet.

This episode took place in Morocco’s visit. When Meghan and Harry visited the school together, a local teacher thanked Meghan for his stomach and came to give a lecture to the children.

The 34 -year -old Prince Harry suddenly said "shamelessly", pretending not to know that Meghan was pregnant, and in April he was going to be his father.He said in surprise, "Oh my god! Is she pregnant? Is it mine?!" Then he couldn’t help laughing.The news was returned to the United Kingdom, but it was passed on, and it became Meghan to deceive Prince Harry’s "fake pregnancy."

The point is that many people really believe …

Under the media website, some British netizens criticized Prince Harry."Harry is sometimes humorous and sometimes ejected the piano! Ask his wife and children if he is his own, this is too embarrassing."

But immediately some netizens followed, "This is a good question, Harry, it is really a good question." "He is trying to tell us some inside story, the truth may not be as beautiful as the surface …"

After seeing Prince Harry’s speech, many British public believed that it was true. Someone analyzed why Meghan was pregnant, and how annoyed the royal family is now …

"If Meghan is indeed pregnant, her weight should increase significantly when her child is 6 months. At present, she has no signs of a face blessed, and other parts of the legs and body have no swelling at all." “Moonbump

-The Gossip Girl (@ Gossipg9282)

Twitter also formed a topic "Moonbump", which specifically discussed the so -called Meghan’s pregnancy, because people suspected that Meghan "adds" prosthesis or pillows under her clothes to "forge" her pregnancy.

In the "Brexit" that imitates Brexit in Brexit, the British also created a word "Megxit", and prayed that Meghan would leave the UK early …

The British expressed all kinds of opinions on every movement of Meghan, her clothes, her body movements and her bumps in her abdomen.

for example:

Meghan wore her beach skirt and high heels in Morocco.Tell me, if there is a baby, how does it feel?”moonbump “

-TEALIPSTICKELEB (@celeBlipstick) February 26, 2019

In addition to what you said, she is also wearing 4 -inch high -heeled shoes.Without help, the weight and size of a real baby can not adapt to such actions at all.”moonbump

-@ CLIFTONHFC1) February 18, 2019

Looking at these photos, the "prosthesis" was almost sliding to her knees.

-Kathy Geiger (@Kegeiger), March 1, 2019

Subsequently, foreign media reports followed up to analyze why the British public hate Meghan so.

Some party who sympathized with Meghan said that the tradition was deeply ingrained. Meghan Markle had been married to the British royal family for so long. She still couldn’t get rid of the "original crime" from the "colorful race" and "civilian class". She was the victim …Mowing

However, some of the disgusting emotions also come from the frequent "show affection" of Prince Harry and Meghan.Compared to the low -key of Princess Kate, Meghan’s news exposure rate is indeed much higher.

Even if the British royal family Timing is a good news, there are too many hype, it will inevitably make the audience bored …

Author: Wu Yu

Edit: Wu Yu

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