Prepare pregnant mothers, do not ignore the harm of decoration pollution, how much do you know?

Formaldehyde is a kind of harmful chemical with a colorless and strong irritating odor. At room temperature, it is mainly atmospheric. A large number of inhalation of the harm to the human body is very serious.It will have a significant impact on the fetus in growth and development.

Studies have shown that decorating pollutants can affect the human nervous system, destroy DNA, damage the hematopoietic system, and even cause cancer.Preparation of pregnant mothers is particularly sensitive to formaldehyde pollution. Even the particularly low content will threaten the physical and mental health of the baby and mother. In severe cases, it will cause a variety of problems such as fetal malformations and brainless children.

How serious is the formaldehyde in decoration to pregnant mothers?

According to research, the building is completed for 2 weeks, and the concentration of indoor formaldehyde is 74-160 times higher than outdoor. Even after the renovation is completed 8 months, the indoor formaldehyde concentration is still 43 times higher than the outdoor.

When pregnant women stay in the room with a concentration of formaldehyde higher than 0.24-0.55 mg/cubic meter, their circulation systems, immunity, reproduction and metabolism will be affected, and they are prone to symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, irritability, insomnia.

When staying in a room with formaldehyde for a long time, it is easy to exacerbate pregnancy syndrome.In addition, it may induce fetal chromosomal abnormalities, leading to defects such as fetal malformations, brain damage, congenital heart disease.

High -concentration formaldehyde is also a gene toxic substance. For long -term contact with pregnant women, it can cause poisoning, anemia, and abortion. It can also cause fetal weight loss, fetal malformations and even death.

How to avoid the effect of decoration on fertility?

1. Avoid pregnancy during the decoration period in advance

In order to ensure that the children born are very healthy and clever, for a period of time before pregnancy, not only must quit smoking, quit alcohol, but also avoid large -scale decoration, because many materials will contain some harmful substances.This will have a great impact on preparation.

2. Select environmentally friendly materials decoration

Although there are formaldehyde -free paint and coatings in many places, some merchants use some inferior materials to be cheap.In addition to these, there are some other chemical preparations, so that it will form a difficult smell in the air. For the house that has just been renovated, it is necessary to open the window to ventilate for half a year before moving in.

3. Environmental testing before check -in

It is recommended to do formaldehyde detection on the environment of their lives when the new house is renovated to check in. If necessary, it is best to do a comprehensive air quality detection. If the formaldehyde concentration is too high, for the health of themselves and family, it is recommendedDo not check in, advance formaldehyde governance.To ensure the health and safety of the environment where you live.

4. Keep indoor ventilation after check -in

To keep the indoor ventilation, the air purifiers or new fans can be installed if conditions permit, and the toxic and harmful substances in the indoor air can be filtered, adsorbed, and purified.In addition, some green plants have adsorption, dust removal and sterilization function, which can be appropriately placed indoors to improve air quality.

If you live in a new house that live in the decoration after pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to their physical condition and improve their immunity.In terms of diet, it is necessary to ensure the matching and diversity of food, so that the nutritional balance is more conducive to the health of the body, and it can also help enhance immunity.

The more important point is to check on time, so that the physical condition of the mother and the fetus can be better monitored.Pay attention to indoor air quality and health every day.

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