Preparation of pregnancy: Many people are asking if the polycystic ovary can conceive naturally?Let me tell you

Fans asked me today, so that I could feel her confusion across the screen.

Yes, many girls with polycystic have such questions.

Because polycystic patients have ovulation disorders, it is difficult to get pregnant naturally.

Many people are suggesting: make a test tube.

But no one tells you: how difficult the test tube process is and how much success is.

Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) is a common disease caused by women with age and abnormal metabolic abnormalities.) It is characterized by the most clinical manifestations of irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, hairy and/or acne, which is the most common female endocrine disease.

In the outpatient clinic of our hospital, almost half of the women are because of polycysts, but some are simple polycystic, and some have other complications.

After effective conditioning, almost all became pregnant.

Of course, polycystic can not be cured, and can only be adjusted. After pregnancy, there is still a possibility of recurrence.

Generally, when pregnant women find that they are preparing for normal pregnancy, but those who have not been pregnant one year after no contraceptive measures, they often find that they have polycycles when they come to the hospital for examination.Especially for patients with thin and polycysts, it is even more difficult to find that many even discovered after a long time of treatment.

Today, I simply sort out a few questions that everyone often encounters. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the message area, or send me information such as the condition to me.

Question list No. 1: How do I judge that I have a lot of money?

First of all, please calm down, don’t look at the [Capsule Sample Change] on the B -ultrasound report form.Essential conditions); the manifestation of therogen or histuriamia; ultrasonic manifestations of polysproof of the ovarian (B, C meets one item); and exclude other diseases that may cause high androgens and cause abnormal ovulation diseases.Only to determine the diagnosis.

The second place in the question list: It is not enough to promote the row repeatedly. Is there a limit on the number of promotion?

There are restrictions on ovulation treatment treatment. For example, the most commonly used Cromifen (CC), pregnancy occurs mostly 3 to 6 months in the first treatment. CC treatment is not recommended for more than 6 months.

The CC successfully induced ovulation for 3 to 4 cycles is still not pregnant, and further inspections need to be checked for infertility.

Especially for notice, many women have asked if they can use the medicine to promote the promotion after reading some articles, please remember: Never!

Blindly choosing drugs to promote risks, please follow the doctor’s advice.

Question list third place: Why are your follicles mature, but just do not ovulation?

There are many reasons for ovulation disorders, including: ① central nervous systemic systemic no ovulation; ② hypothalamus has no ovulation; ③ pituitary without ovulation; ④ ovarian ovulation without ovulation; ⑤ polycystic ovary syndrome; ⑥ oval luteinization does not rupture comprehensive synthesisSign; ⑦ Other: other endocrine systems other than gonad axes such as thyroid, adrenal cortical dysfunction and some systemic diseases such as severe malnutrition can affect ovarian function and cause ovulation disorders.

So if polycystic patients increase drug stimuli during promotion, what should I do if they are unsuccessful?Then you can only be punctured for intervention treatment. After a certain amount of drugs, you ca n’t take medicine. Excessive drug stimulation will only make your ovaries fragile.Generally, such patients should be punctured as soon as possible.

Let’s talk about it today, follow me, we will continue next issue!


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