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Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Chatting with a friend of the third trimester and wanting to ask me to eat barbecue. It has been 9 months. I thought it would be about to give birth. I still can’t eat it after giving birth.Before the child, I gave the wish of eating grilling.

Many pregnant mothers find that after pregnancy, they seem to become "very nobble".

But when it was near childbirth, I felt that the fetus developed almost the same. It was born soon. It should not have a great impact on the fetus once, so I will "indulgence before giving birth."

In "Freshman Diary", when Madina was hospitalized, she suddenly had contractions. She didn’t call a doctor. Instead, she ate a "spicy crayfish" with contraction.The special effect of analgesic relieving medicine makes the pain of the contraction is not so strong.

In "Freshman Diary 2", Mrs. Gai Wang Siran also has a "scene".After being arranged for hospitalization, the doctor came in and said that she was "admitted to the hospital". She immediately asked the doctor if she could eat McDonald’s. After getting the doctor’s permission, she laughed happily like a child.

So, I ate McDonald’s beautifully before giving birth, and looked at GAI.

In fact, it is not only the stars, but ordinary pregnant mothers are so "cute" before giving birth.

Many foods that have remembered the entire pregnancy but dare not eat, just wait for "before giving birth".

>> After eating, you can be happy and down -to -earth to give birth to baby series

@: The contraction I appeared first, when I felt the contraction, I brought the baggage bag, called the whole family to eat hot pot, a few mouthfuls, and pain for a while. Then I also insisted on eating.I was nervous next to me and did not dare to grab the vegetables with me. I went to the hospital for hospitalization after eating, and gave birth the next day.

@: I was KFC, milk tea, spicy, cakes, various beverages, sauerkraut and snail powder before my life., My husband can’t even sleep well and can’t sleep well from abroad, and I am eating with my friends to eat and eat.

Entering a child, just like "on the battlefield", especially the mother who gave birth to a baby for the first time, is not nervous, not afraid to be false.

Eat the food that I remember for a long time, and then enter the delivery room, at least more mental support.

However, it is to grasp the time, have food you want to eat, eat as soon as possible, do not wait for the water to break or enter the delivery room before eating, it is easy to eat and eat well.

>> Remember for a long time but haven’t eaten the series

@有: I have a lot of me. I originally told my husband to go to eat Korean cuisine before the Dragon Boat Festival, and increase the barrel Hagens Das. As a result, I started in advance.

@ZSYN: I went to the hospital in the morning when I broke the water. At noon, my husband bought my favorite spicy chicken and roasted lamb chops. When I bought it, I was seen by the doctor. As a result, the doctor said that I had never contracted the fetus.If you want to consider a cesarean section, it is best to fast the water forbidden water first. Do n’t eat anything. In the end, I really generated. After a year of lactation, the restaurant closed the door.

Just like the situation of these two pregnant mothers, because the situation is urgent, you will have to have a baby immediately. Time may not be kept, and the situation may not be allowed.

Especially the pregnant mothers who need urgent caesarean section or may need to turn around, even if they are more recommended, it is not recommended to eat it.

Because it is necessary to fast for 8 hours before cesarean section, for the safety of yourself and the fetus, "forbearance" is the best strategy.

That is, the fetus was launched. If you want to take the food of the hospital, or have been hospitalized, what should the pregnant mother eat during the time when the baby is born?

Of course, this is a pregnant woman who is a child. Pregnant women who need to be used before caesarean section need to fast.

In the process of giving birth, before the baby is born, it will need to "open the mouth of the palace". Due to the severe pain in this process, it will consume a lot of physical strength and energy for pregnant mothers.In the contraction gap, pregnant mothers can drink some water and eat high -calorie sweets supplement energy, such as chocolate.

[Reminder of Jingma]:

温 Prepare some warm water and food in advance.

Before being hospitalized, in addition to preparing some high -calorie snacks, you should also prepare a thermal insulation cup. At that time, he puts warm water. In the contraction gap, drink some water, eat some snacks, and replenish water and physical strength.

There are individual differences, not all mothers can eat things.

Some women do not want to eat anything when they are in pain, and some mothers are disgusting when they eat, so they can prepare in advance. At that time, it depends on the actual situation.

产 It is not recommended to eat gynecological dietary fiber or foods that are prone to flatulence.

Mainly to avoid embarrassment.

Perhaps pregnant mothers have seen the shots of having children in film and television dramas before, and the doctor will say "like a stool."

Indeed, when there is a child, it feels like that, and it is likely to have stools at the same time. If you eat foods rich in dietary fiber or prone to flatulence before, it is really embarrassing to exhaust and stool.

There is also a more important point. If the situation is special, it is necessary to turn around in the middle, and it will also increase the risk of surgery.

I said earlier the diet at the time of delivery. In fact, the diet of 1-2 weeks before giving birth is also important. The attention of Beijing Mom below, pregnant mothers should also take a good look.

、 Increase the proportion of high -protein and high -calorie foods.

It takes a lot of energy to have children, so it is best to pay attention to diet before giving birth. Eat some high -protein and high -calorie foods in advance to prepare for delivery.

For example, meat, milk, pregnant women’s milk powder, soy products, etc., the staple food should also be eaten appropriately.

Properly increase foods rich in cellulose and easy to digest.

During the childbirth, the fetus will be prepared for birth, and the fetal head will decrease; it will increase the frequent and constipation performance of pregnant mothers.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to diet. You can eat foods rich in cellulose, and at the same time, it is easy to digest and reduce constipation.

避 Light diet, avoid eating spicy and cold food.

In the final stage, the pregnant mother still cannot care about it. Try to eat lightly as possible. It cannot affect the health of blood sugar and blood pressure due to the sweetness and salty indulgence of eating indulgence, and even the health of the fetus.

Avoid eating spicy and cold foods, so as not to induce contractions and cause the fetus to danger.

Don’t eat foods that have been rotten and deteriorate, or you may have diarrhea to stimulate the contraction, allowing your baby to give birth prematurely. In severe cases, you may also affect the health of the fetus due to poisoning.

Have you paid special attention to your prenatal diet? Have you eaten in the delivery room?Come and share your baby experience.

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