Pregnant women’s weight is not long.

Theoretically, after women’s pregnancy, with the development of the fetus, the weight of the pregnant mother should also grow.But what is worrying is that some pregnant mothers’ weight is not growing. What is going on?Let ’s give you a science of related knowledge to see what is going on with the weight of pregnant women for a long time and how to solve it!

1. What happened to pregnant women’s weight is not long

Reason one: pregnancy vomiting response

Pregnant mommy will have a series of physiological reactions such as pregnancy, loss of appetite, dizziness, and joy in early pregnancy, which will significantly reduce the amount of food for pregnant moms.It is recommended that pregnant moms don’t have to worry too much.

Reason two: loss of appetite

Due to various pregnancy reactions, pregnant moms have symptoms of loss of appetite and dizziness. These are normal phenomena. Pay attention to rest.

Reason three: The cause of the fetus

When the pregnant mother, when she first started her pregnancy, the baby from 2 cm long and 3 grams in the first month, to 9 cm long and 48 grams of 3 months of pregnancy. For the entire weight of the pregnant mommy,Part of the part.Throughout pregnancy, the body of pregnant moms increased by 1,000-1500 grams, and the growth rate was slow. In the first three months, some pregnant mumans still did not increase and fall. Thereforeof.

Second, the countermeasures of not long -lasting weight during pregnancy

1. Countermeasures for pregnancy vomiting

In order to alleviate the discomfort brought by the pregnancy reaction, it is recommended that the pregnant mummy’s diet in the early pregnancy should not be too greasy, eat more light foods, such as grilled ravioli, grilled bread, soda cakes, etc.The powerful pregnant mom can buy some to eat.In addition, pay attention to the supplementation of folic acid, and the diet should be balanced, such as eggs, green leafy vegetables, soy foods, animal liver, nuts, fruits and other foods.

Some pregnant moms are severe in pregnancy. They do not force to say that a regular diet like ordinary people does not have to force themselves to eat for the baby.Mummy’s own appetite is good or bad to adjust, eat less meals, and ensure the amount of eating as a whole.

2. Countermeasures about loss of appetite

Pregnant moms with poor appetite can properly perform some outdoor sports, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption and greatly increase appetite.Then with a light and delicious, nutritious, and easy -to -digest dietary principles increase the amount of eating.In terms of taste, pregnant moms do not have to taboo too much to eat, mainly in line with the diet and hobbies of pregnant mommy, but they must not be exposed to alcohol.

3. Countermeasures about fetal development

To increase weight, in addition to ensuring normal eating, pregnant moms must also remember to supplement foods such as animal liver, green leafy vegetables, etc. These foods are rich in folic acid.Of course, if you want to prevent fetal malformations, you must fix a certain amount of folic acid preparations, and you cannot rely on food only.Successic folic acid can promote the development of fetal nerve tube and reduce neonatal rabbit lips and congenital heart disease.

What happened to pregnant women’s weight?All in all, the weight of pregnant women does not grow very much, which is generally related to the development of pregnancy, appetite, and fetal development. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to taking some targeted measures. After all, it also affects the fetus during pregnancy!

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