Pregnant women’s urine is also useful?For 12 yuan per kilogram, what do you do?

The world is big, there are all kinds of business opportunities where you can’t imagine. I believe that many people know that waste products can be recovered to sell money, but everyone is not clear.In addition to the waste of hair, mobile phones, kitchen knives, some of them will recover urine on the streets and alleys, and most of the urine is urine of pregnant women. What is the use of urine for pregnant women?It is understood that the price per kilogram can reach 12 yuan. What is going on?

Earlier, a netizen on the Internet posted a video, showing a woman riding a tricycle on the streets and alleys to recover the urine of pregnant women. After this video was sent to the Internet, it attracted a lot of attention. We all knowUrine is an excretion of the human body. Generally, it is washed away by the toilet. Why are there anyone who specializes in cycling to buy it?And also specially acquires the urine of pregnant women.

It is understood that this incident occurred in a community in Shandong. In fact, people who recycled the urine of pregnant women in many areas appeared. For example, in a community in ShandongRecycling the urine of pregnant women, and also said that the recovery price is up to 12 yuan per kilogram.

In addition, some small gifts will be given to the streets and alleys to contact customers who are willing to donate urine. However, because many people are very vigilant, some community residents are very very vigilant.Always, why is there such a group?

We had done a good understanding of recycling cigarette butts before. Many people originally believed that these waste cigarette butts were collected by some Japanese businessmen to study our DNA, but in the end, after verification, it was to refine the fiber tissue inside.Does the urine of pregnant women also involve DNA research?

It is believed that many people have a very big question about this behavior. It is understood that the pregnant women collected by these organizations are fresh urine excreted by pregnant women during pregnancy, and they will also save these urine through fresh -keeping methods.Get up, according to their explanation, there are two main uses for pregnant women’s urine.

The first is to make some drugs. I believe many people know that human urine and feces have certain medicinal value.Because the progesterone contained in pregnant women is very high, many pregnant women friends know that the impact of progesterone on the fetus is very great. It has the effect of tires. Among many tire products, there will be progesterone components.Therefore, these recovered urine mainly extract the progesterone inside to produce various types of tires.

The second is to make pregnancy test paper.I believe that many preparations for babies have used this test paper in life, especially in recent years, my country’s three -child fertility policy has been released, and the sales of many pregnant test paper brands have become higher and higher, so In order to better produce this product, the corresponding substances will be extracted from the urine of these standard pregnant women to make pregnancy test strips.

Many people are very incomprehensible to this behavior. After all, this seems to be a waste, and it actually has such a large commercial value, especially many people say that they are unwilling to accept this business model.Especially many pregnant women, they believe that this is the issue of their own privacy, so they are unwilling to sell urine, but some pregnant women say that since they can create value, why not create greater value for science and themselves?Intersection

With the continuous development of the times, the development of various industries in my country has become better and better, especially in various aspects of technologies have improved significantly. For many products that everyone thinks of waste in life, in fact, it can also create A lot of value, such as a variety of waste products, can also generate greater value after secondary use, and this kind of recycling of urine in pregnant women also has the value of secondary utilization.

Many people have caused contempt for the staff of these recycled pregnant women due to the influence of feudal thoughts, thinking that the industry they are engaged in is very low, but in fact, all walks of life should be worthy of respect, and theseIt is a behavior that can generate more value, and it is naturally more respectful.

However, the urine in some places will be recovered through paid ways, and some places will be obtained directly through other ways. What do you think of this work on the recycling of urine recovery in pregnant women?Do you think this industry is worth existing?

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