Pregnant women’s breasts and pain are shocked to see breast cancer!Medical: Do not ignore breast health examination during pregnancy

▲ The risk of cumulative accumulation in Taiwan’s life is as high as 7.5 %, showing that about 13 women have the opportunity to suffer from breast cancer.(Photo / Dazhi Show intent)

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According to statistics, among the top ten cancers in Taiwan, the number of women in women is breast cancer, and about 10,000 new patients are added each year. About 2,000 women die from breast cancer.The threat is great.However, breast cancer is not only good for middle -aged women, but also more and more young patients and pregnant women suffer.

Wang Lisheng, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said that when a pregnant woman in her thirties went to the outpatient check -up, she said that she was suspected of raising milk and caused the breast pipes to obstruct the pain. After doing breast ultrasound examination, she found that it was breast cancer.Dr. Wang Lisheng said that most women during pregnancy and production have changed drastic changes due to their bodies. At this time, breast abnormalities are easily overlooked. Especially breastfeeding mothers think that milk, soul pain, and hard pieces are normal.EssenceDoctors remind that breast cancer can be treated without cutting the breasts when it has not spread to the lymphatic. As long as the treatment can be found early, most patients can recover well and keep the quality of life.

▲ Doctors suggest that pregnant women "don’t ignore breast health tests."(Photo / Provided by Alice Obstetrics and Gynecology)

And doing breast ultrasound examination during pregnancy, in addition to early detection of tumors, can also detect whether there are benign fibroma, which helps to diagnose the lumps caused by breastfeeding and milk.Moms do not ignore the breast health test.

Dr. Wang Lisheng reminded that most of the early symptoms of breast cancer are painless lumps, so as long as there are unknown or new masses, they should immediately find a professional physician for examination.The lumps or lumps become larger, and the colors on both sides of the nipples become different. Symptoms such as bleeding, flowing water, broken skin, and unknown causes should be used as soon as possible; usually develop the habit of regular exercise and balanced diet, eat lessHigh -fat foods help reduce the risk of cancer.

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