Pregnant women should be treated with caution supplementation. If you eat wrong, you may harm the fetus. Don’t care about it.

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After 4 years of pregnancy, Xiaoli finally ushered in her first baby.

During the medical examination in the hospital, the doctor specifically told Xiaoli to eat some folic acid, and in the usual life, you can also see some free distribution of folic acid.

From these situations, folic acid is better to the body, so Xiao Li bought several boxes of folic acid back to eat for the health of the child.

But she only heard the first few words of the doctor, but the instructions later forgot that the doctor did not ask the pregnant woman to eat folic acid during pregnancy. However, Xiaoli was still eating folic acid when the child was 8 or 9 months old.And eat several times a day.

On this day, Xiaoli did the housework at home. As soon as she picked up the mop to prepare a mop, the person fainted on the ground. Her husband went home from work and found that she fainted on the ground and frightened. She quickly sent her to the hospital.The doctor’s examination found that the child was gone.The reason is that it has a lot to do with folic acid replenishment.

01. Are you still in the drums about the little knowledge of eating folic acid?

According to science, if pregnant women eat folic acid in early pregnancy, they can help prevent fetal malformations.

However, eating folic acid also needs to pay attention to time, and you need to eat the whole process of pregnancy, and some pregnant women have a strong sensitivity to folic acid. After eating folic acid, there are often some physical abnormalities.Bad, decreased appetite, and even caused the development of the fetus.

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1) You must know the time of folic acid

Under normal circumstances, she needs to eat folic acid before 12 weeks of pregnancy, because during this period is exactly the most critical period of embryonic development.

In the book "Organization Embryo", it once mentioned that if the lack of folic acid may cause fetal deformed deformity, which causes children to disability.

Everyone knows that when the fetus is malformed, it is not only a disaster for the entire family, but the impact of the country after the child is born is also very great.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid this situation by taking folic acid before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

2) Eating folic acid during pregnancy can be allowed to choose from

Some people say that they must eat folic acid during pregnancy, so as to help children develop better and babies born to be smarter, but some people are very sensitive to folic acid.

Oda once told me that during her pregnancy, she also obeyed the advice of others and was ready to eat some folic acid to help children develop better and quickly have a baby.

What I didn’t expect was that after eating folic acid, not only did menstrual disorders, but also the leucorrhea became very abnormal, so it stopped eating folic acid, and the abnormal phenomenon of the body gradually disappeared.

Therefore, pregnant women and pregnant mothers who are pregnant should not replenish folic acid casually to avoid affecting health.

3) How to supplement folic acid

When eating folic acid, you can go to the pharmacy to buy some folic acid tablets to use it, but also ingested from food in the usual life.

In a book "Encyclopedia of Diet", some fresh fruits and vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, have very high folic acid ingredients.

However, after pregnancy, because pregnant women’s demand for folic acid is too high, if you want to get so much folic acid from ordinary food, you may need to eat a lot of food. This is a very unrealistic behavior.The film is performed.

02. Be cautious when taking folic acid, the following points must be paid attention to

Although folic acid can bring benefits to the body and help the fetus develop and develop, if the method of use is not right, or the amount of use is not right, not only can it bring benefits to the body, but it may also bring some additional harm to the body. At this time, at this timeThe harm to pregnant women and fetuses is not just a little bit.

① Pregnant women with poor gastrointestinal tract should wear folic acid into powder to use

There are many people who have gastric diseases. Although pregnant women are a special group, they cannot avoid the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.When the gastrointestinal tract has diseases, the stimulation of folic acid to the gastrointestinal tract is relatively large, which may increase the gastrointestinal disease.

At this time, not only is it not conducive to the absorption of pregnant women, it will also bring more harm to pregnant women.In this case, family members can choose to let pregnant women take folic acid after meals and grind folic acid tablets into powder.Because there is already food in the gastrointestinal tract, the irritation of folic acid to the gastrointestinal tract will be smaller.

In addition, this method can also be used when pregnant women vomit more seriously, which can make pregnant women absorb folic acid tablets better.

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② Avoid using it with vitamin C

Obstetrics and gynecologists show that vitamin is an item that pregnant women cannot lack during pregnancy, especially vitamin C, because pregnant women are a more sensitive constitution, and during October, try to ensure that there is no cold.So often use vitamin C to increase your resistance.

However, since folic acid and vitamin C have some chemical reactions, it will greatly reduce the absorption of folic acid in the gastrointestinal tract.

Therefore, if pregnant women want both substances to add, then they must not be taken together at the same time, and take time to take it separately, which is more conducive to better absorption.

Therefore, pregnant women use folic acid every day to be regularly fixed, so that they are very good for the absorption of the two.

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③ Do not overdose to take folic acid

The book "Only Doctors Know" once mentioned that the daily amount of pregnant women take is about 0.4 mg. If pregnant women usually want to eat more folic acid, they will not only bring benefits to children, but will bring them.The so -called greedy is not rotten. When you eat more folic acid, you may also cause indigestion and bring greater damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, some pregnant women are older and have a relatively different physical fitness. When taking folic acid, consult the doctor, and then let the doctor take the right medicine. Do not take the amount of folic acid by themselves according to the explanation of others.

The folic acid taken in this way does not adjust my body to the best state, and it will even cause adverse effects on them and the fetus because of the error of taking folic acid. In severe casesIt is in vain for a month.

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It is really a very hard thing to be pregnant and given a child. As long as you become a expectant mother during pregnancy, you can’t do it by yourself. What you can eat and not eat, how you usually need to sleep, what exercise you need to do every day is being being done.The doctor’s arrangement is clear, which is also a must -have process as a mother.

If you want your child’s body to be healthier, the mother should pay attention to the intake of some foods. Even if it is a very good item for fetal, pay attention to consulting the doctor and try to supplement it in the most scientific way.

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant women will encounter a lot of confusing questions. To ask the doctor in time, they cannot be the master of their own, let alone listen to the experience of others.Because everyone’s body is different, the experience of others may not be suitable for themselves.

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