Pregnant women often "do" three postures, which can easily lead to hypoxia and slow development of the fetus.

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We all know that sleeping is a very important thing for pregnant women. It not only allows pregnant women to have a better sleep state, but also importantly, it can also promote the fetus in the belly better.Although most pregnant women pay attention to, sometimes they still step on the "Thunder Area".Among them, these three sleeping positions during pregnancy will cause great harm to the fetus. If you are also one of them, hurry up!

1. Lie down and sleep

Lying flat is the most common sleeping position in our daily life, but it will cause the placental blood circulation to become very slow, which will make the placenta less blood supply, which will seriously affect the nutritional supply of the fetus.At the same time, it will slow down the metabolic speed of the fetus and affect the normal development of the fetus.

In addition, when pregnant women lie down, they will compress their uterus.The baby will grow older and larger over time. At this time, if the uterus is oppressed, it is equivalent to oppression of the fetus, which may cause the fetus to have hypoxia.If the hypoxia is serious, it will even affect the development of the fetus.

2. Lie on the right side

Pregnant women who usually like to sleep on the right side must also pay special attention.If you sleep on the right for a long time, you will increase the degree of rotation of the uterus, which seriously affects the blood supply of the fetus, which may cause chronic ischemia and hypoxia in the fetus and increase the possibility of malformations in the fetus.

3. Sleep on your stomach

Starting rapidly, their supply of oxygen and blood has increased significantly.If pregnant women like to sleep on their stomach at this time, the aortic will be pressed, affecting the cycle of oxygen and blood.Especially in the late pregnancy, the fetus gradually formed.If the pregnant mother is still sleeping, it is equivalent to pressing the fetus. How can this do?

So, there must be a question in many people: "What kind of sleeping posture should pregnant women maintain?" Is it correct? "

1. 1-3 months of pregnancy

The development of the fetus in the early pregnancy is relatively slow, and it shows more cell state.So at this time, the sleeping posture of pregnant women has no particular impact on the safety and growth of the baby. You can choose the posture that you feel comfortable.However, considering the environment of the uterus and the pressure they bear, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not continue to use the lying posture to prevent problems before they occur.

2. During the 4-10 months of pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly.In order to protect the fetus, the uterus usually takes off the right side, so pregnant women try to choose the left side as much as possible, and at the same time, avoid lying on their back.

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