Pregnant women infected with new crowns.

With the recent release of national policies, the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic has entered a new stage, and everyone has become the first responsible person of their own health.Xiao Y was just pregnant, and was worried that he had not vaccinated the new crown vaccine on time during pregnancy.After the colleagues and family around her infected with the new crown, Xiao Y was unfortunately recruited, and she panicked instantly.Do you want to go to the hospital if you are infected?Will the new crown affect the baby?Can I take medicine in early pregnancy?Facing the current anxiety of expectant mothers, we need to do our homework to cope with it.How to avoid and reduce the new crown infection of pregnant women and the fever. Due to the changes in immune status and increased cardiopulmonary burden, it is a special key group of new crown prevention and control.The Chinese Medical Society of Medicine Medical Branch has recently developed the "Expert Proposal for the New Coronatte Virus Vaccinium vaccination in pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation" of this year. "Nourishment does not conflict with vaccination procedures.Vaccination is still the safest and effective prevention measures to prevent the new crown infection of pregnant women or reduce the symptoms of high fever after infection.In addition, maternal women are almost in the big family.In addition to the protection measures of ordinary people, once a family member is infected with new crowns or unknown reasons, it is recommended to be isolated as much as possible to reduce the risk of maternal infection.At present, with the mutation of the virus strain, the proportion and symptoms of the maternal maternal infected with Omikon are also close to the general population. 80-90%is an asymptomatic or good-prognosis.The ending of bad mothers caused by symptoms such as fever still cannot be ignored.Do not despise the early stage of fever after the new crown infection in the early pregnancy is an important stage of fetal organs. The existing data believes that the risk of asymptomatic pregnant women infected with new crowns did not rise.However, all research at home and abroad found that it may cause structural malformations of important organs of the fetus in the early pregnancy.The risk of those above C is more significant.Fortunately, the use of antipyretic drugs or physical cooling in time can effectively reduce the occurrence of above fetal malformations.Therefore, pregnant women who fever in the early pregnancy should be paid attention to. If they fail to deduct fever in time, they need to go to the hospital for treatment; especially high fever above 38-38.5 ° C, or the fever does not improve for 2-3 days, it is recommended to pass a doctor for helpChoose safe and appropriate drugs for antipyretic treatment.At the same time, we must pay particular attention to ultrasound fetal malformation screening during the birth check process.

Principles of the treatment of new crown pregnant women’s fever

In the case of infection with no symptoms or low fever, if it is a low -risk maternal maternal (such as the management of pregnant women’s pregnancy risk management: green), you can contact the medical examination doctor. Based on the content of the next production check, Avoid cross -infections.However, if a high -risk maternal maternal (such as pregnant maternal pregnancy risk management: red, orange, etc.) should be strictly followed by medical examinations; maternal maternals with continuous fever or high fever need specialist or emergency treatment.Especially in the third trimester, once the continuous fever of pregnant women will cause the fetal heart rate to be too fast, it is likely to cause hypoxia in the fetus.Pregnant women can monitor the fetal condition in real time by counting the fetal movement by themselves, or can monitor the fetal condition in real time by remote fetal heart monitoring equipment.However, if it is unable to judge continuous fever or high -heat pregnant women, it is still recommended to go to the hospital in time to avoid misunderstanding of the condition and cause a bad ending of the mother or fetus.The breastfeeding period is a relatively special stage.Maternal and newborn have become two independent individuals, but they are closely linked.At present, there is no evidence that the new coronary virus exists in the palace’s maternal and infants vertically. Therefore, the newborn should be kept away from the infected mother as much as possible. When contacting, we should wear a mask and pay attention to hygiene.At the same time, there is no data that the new coronary virus can be transmitted through breast milk. Therefore, infected with a mask infected with a mask, it is feasible to feed or suck the breasts after the breasts and hands, and the breasts are feeding the baby.However, when the maternal is high, whether or not it is caused by the new crown or whether the medication is used, it is recommended to suspend breastfeeding.The fever of pregnant women should also consider fever, which is a common complication during pregnancy.Today, when the new crown virus is rampant, we cannot ignore other reasons that may lead to fever, especially if there is no pathogenic testing, or new crown nucleic acid, antigen negative, or infection with new crowns but not healing or other symptoms, may exist may exist.Other viruses or bacteria such as pathogenic infections should be covered by these diseases being covered by new crown infections.

The antipyretic treatment of pregnant women’s homes: Maternal women with no discomfort or mild symptoms are mainly rest and physical cooling, pay attention to nutrition, moisture intake and appropriate activities.Observe the progress of the condition and have any symptoms.Achicidal phenolic drugs: acetylphenol, a grade of pregnancy, no sufficient evidence shows the adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. It is the short -term painkillers and antipyretic drugs for pregnancy and lactation.Unilateral preparations are recommended. Common tablets take 0.3 to 0.6g each time, once or 4 times a day every 4 hours. The daily total should not exceed 2g. The antipyretic treatment is generally 3 days. Do not exceed one week.The ibuprofen, which is widely used in general populations, has a Grade B/D grading, which may cause premature closure of fetal arterial ducts, leading to high pressure and heart failure of neonatal pulmonary arteries. Therefore, the third trimester is disabled.At other stages, it is recommended to use the risk and benefits of the doctor’s balance carefully.Antibacterial drugs: If secondary or combined with bacterial infection, the annealing effect is not good, and antibacterial drugs can be used at the same time after doctors are prescribed.Preferred antibiotics, such as penicillin, cephalosporins, Achigromycin, clinithromycin, and metronidazole; avoid using antibacterial drugs such as amino glycoside, tetracycline, fluorinone, sulfona, etc.EssenceChinese patent medicine: Chinese patent medicine ingredients are complicated. If pregnant women must use traditional Chinese medicine to reduce fever, they should disable the ingredients that have teratogenic, toxic and side effects on the fetus, or may cause abortion, such as toxic or drug -likeUse the peach kernels, safflower, Puhuang, Puhuang, Puhuang, Puhuang, Puhuang, Sanqi and Qi Qi stagnation, rhubarb, luc -prize, and faxiat leaves.At the same time, try to take short -term oral channels as much as possible, and use Chinese medicine injection carefully.Cough, sputum, nasal congestion, runny nose, allergies, you can choose relatively safe drugs according to the gestational weeks and symptoms under the guidance of a doctor, such as the right Mishafen, acetylcority, pseudocerine, chloride, etc.EssenceIf the symptoms are heavier or continue to be alleviated, or symptoms of obstetrics, such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, flow fluid, abnormal fetal movement, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital in time;Tonovavi and short -term low -dose glucocorticoid treatment.

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* This article was published on December 30, 2022, "Shanghai Volkswagen Health Daily" Early Edition "One Women and Baby Pregnancy Book" column

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