Pregnant women are Yang, can children still ask?what to do?To give you clearly at a time

On May 22, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the peak of the second wave of epidemic in the new crown in 2023 occurred at the end of June.Now, not only seeing everyone on the circle of friends on the Internet, but the people around them have begun to go to the sun.Usually people take medicine, and they may improve or even get better in a few days, but many pregnant women and children do not know how to protect them.

A lady consulted me, I thought it was asked by myself, and as a result, I asked my daughter -in -law: "My daughter -in -law is Yang, will it be transmitted to my grandson? This belly is so big, worry.How can I treat it? I won’t be deformed at that time. Many people tell me that it has an impact. The two of them can worry about me recently. "Love Sun Xinxie can understand, but it is really not as serious as this mother -in -law thinks as seriously as seriously as he thought.EssenceTherefore, some problems and protection of pregnant women face the new crowns, and I will also tell you here.

Is pregnant women serious infection?Is it going to affect the fetus?

According to the "Maternal Maternal New Crown Virus Protection and Treatment Handbook" issued by the National Committee of the National Health and Health Commission, it is clearly stated that the infection rate, symptoms ratio of the new crowns are not much different from the general population during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactating women.Mildness, symptoms are similar to ordinary people, such as fever, dry pharyngeal, cough, runny nose, sore body, etc., usually better in 5 days.Therefore, the new crown during pregnancy and lactation does not need to be too anxious. Under the guidance of a doctor, the medication can basically recover quickly.

In addition, pregnant women are infected with new crowns. At present, a large number of clinical evidence has not found that it will have a serious negative effect on the baby, and the maternal maternal is infected with the new crown or once infected with the new crown. Generally, it will not be passed to the fetus through childbirth.Mild and recover quickly.More importantly, the probability of malformations in fetuses does not increase significantly.All in all, no need to worry about the new crown pregnant women and family, just do regular prenatal examinations and children’s health care.

If breastfeeding is infected, breastfeeding can be continued in the foundation of personal protection. If symptoms such as fever occur, it is recommended to suspend breastfeeding. Breast milk can be absorbed and feed with bottle.

How to do well?

1. Gather less, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, drink more water

2. Keep regular schedules and happy mood, pay attention to rest, pay attention to monitoring body temperature and symptoms of respiratory tract infection, etc.

3. Reasonably arrange diet. Chinese medicine foods are recommended to eat pole, carp, black beans, black sesame, yam, barley, and other kidney and spleen.

4. Appropriate exercise, recommend: Tai Chi, Wu poultry drama, eight -section Jin, Yijin Jing

It is recommended to exercise medium aerobic exercise per week, 50 minutes a day a day or 30 minutes a day a day.

5. You can choose some Chinese medicines with the effects of clearing wind and clearing heat, detoxifying dampness, and clearing the lungs, such as Jinhua Qingye Granules, Chai Yin oral liquid, and small Chaihu particles.However, there are many components that are banned or cautious during pregnancy during pregnancy. Before medication, be sure to use it under the guidance of a doctor

How to use medicine after pregnant women infection?

For maternal mothers of light and ordinary types, first symptomatic treatment is given. When using antiviral drugs, you must fully consider the number of pregnancy weeks, choose the drug that affects the fetus as small as possible, and require the patient’s knowledge.Treatment of illness, righteousness and eliminating evil, mild patients, the principles of treatment are "double solution in the surface, clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing blood and nourishment."During the treatment, the use of pregnancy contraindications should be avoided as much as possible, but the dosage and time should be strictly grasped, and the Chinese disease should be strictly. At the same time, pay attention to the compatibility taboos in the prescription.According to the severe disease and the fetal condition, the treatment is closely monitored during the treatment and the condition of the maternal condition and the fetal condition.

Traditional Chinese medicine can also effectively reduce fever, relieve headache, sore throat, cough and other symptoms.Some Chinese medicines with the effects of refreshing and clearing heat, detoxifying and humidity, and clearing the lungs, such as Jinhua Qingye Granules, Chai Yin Word Oral Liquid, and Xiao Chaihu Granules can also be reasonably selected.However, there are many components of Chinese medicines that are banned or cautious during pregnancy, and they must be used under the guidance of a doctor before medication.

In addition, sore throat also recommends Chinese medicine prescriptions

The orange soup in the "Treatment of Febrile Diseases" has a good effect: 10g of bellflowers, 6g of licorice, 1000 ~ 1500ml of water for 30 minutes, and drink for a day.If the throat is more obvious, you can add 15g and Ophiopogon 15g.

The last is that pregnant women have fever after infection, drink plenty of water to rest, or take the medicine with medicine and fever without getting better; chest pain, heart chest dull; headache accompanied by abnormal blood pressure, such as higher blood pressure, abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain vagina vaginaBleeding should seek medical treatment in time.

Regarding the specific dosage and dialectical analysis, those who want to consult can leave "1". I will help you analyze the treatment.

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