Pregnant women are always hungry in the middle of the night. If they want to eat, they are afraid of affecting the baby. I am upset after reading the scientific basis.

Pregnant women are always hungry in the middle of the night. If they want to eat, they are afraid of affecting the baby. I am upset after reading the scientific basis.


I do n’t know if you have such experience. After pregnancy, especially in the middle of pregnancy and the third trimester, they will always wake up in the middle of the night, but I believe that many mothers will have a problem, that is, whether they eat in the middle of the night, will they eat in the middle of the night?Can you eat it at this time?

I remember that when I was pregnant, I was always hungry every night to midnight every night, and I could hear my stomach and kept gurgling, so I was worried that I couldn’t eat enough to eat.I will be hungry, I am afraid that the baby is not nutritious enough, so I will get up in the middle of the night to eat supper, and I ca n’t stop when I eat it.But after eating, I will worry about it again, will this affect the baby in my stomach? In short, it is tortured regardless of the body and the heart.

One of my college classmates is completely the opposite of me. Although I was always awakened in the middle of the night during pregnancy, they did not eat supper at all, and they carried it over again and again.Make me as a foodie, and mutter more in my heart, right?But I really couldn’t control the power of the flood in my body. Every time I woke up, I felt that my stomach was completely hollowed out, and I couldn’t sleep at all.So even though I was full of worry, I still got up and asked my father’s father to cook porridge or eat noodles by himself.Fortunately, the child is fighting, and there is nothing wrong with it.So does it affect the baby in the middle of the night?


If you want to figure out this problem, we must first figure out, why do pregnant women always eat and be hungry and fast during pregnancy?First of all, from the perspective of the structure of the pregnant woman’s belly, it is not difficult to find that due to the continuous increase of the pregnant belly, the stomach of the pregnant woman will deform under the pressure of the uterus and become a flat -shaped long shape.On the other hand, pregnancy can cause volatility to fluctuate in women’s estrogen and progesterone, which slows down the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, expectant mothers during pregnancy will often feel hungry, even if they eat a lot,The amount is also very large, but it will also have a sense of hunger.

Therefore, in fact, at this time, mothers still have to pay attention to sufficient diet, otherwise they can not sleep in the middle of the night and affect their physical condition. In addition, not only pregnant women themselves need energy and nutritional supplements, but the nutritional needs of babies in the body also need mothers to take the initiative to take the initiative to take ingestedOnly in this way can children and mothers go through pregnancy smoothly.This also means that once you feel hungry, you should eat it, don’t stand it.Otherwise, not only can he not be hungry, but your baby will protest.

Of course, mothers have to choose during pregnancy, and they must have some choices. They can’t eat anything casually.Especially in the evening, if mothers choose foods with a lot of moisture such as milk or soup porridge, then it is not only easy to go to the toilet frequently, but also can cause bloating in the stomach, making pregnant women more unstable and affecting night sleep.And the most important point of diet during pregnancy is to pay attention to nutritional balance, so do not eat any delicious spam food. For example, it is not advisable to eat instant noodles every night.The baby has a bad effect.

In addition, when you get up in the middle of the night, you usually encounter a problem. What is it to eat in the middle of the night?Call for takeaway. Many stores have closed the door, and the takeaway is not hygienic. Do it by yourself.Therefore, I suggest that pregnant women should prepare some bread, biscuits and the like, especially all -wheat bread at home for a long time, which can not only help the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, but also very full.As for the choice of biscuits, you can choose nutritional healthy soda biscuits. This kind of biscuits not only nourish the stomach, but also relieve pregnancy. For pregnant women with strong pregnancy reactions, the effect is very good.And more easily digestible foods such as noodles, buns, and dumplings are also very suitable for mothers to eat during pregnancy and are well resisting hunger supper foods.

Finally, it is also recommended that all kinds of pregnant women go to bed at a time earlier every day and try to sleep before 10:30. This can not only ensure sufficient sleep, but also not easily wake up.After all, if the amount of exercise is small, it is not easy to be hungry.Otherwise, staying up late to 12 o’clock, or even later, even normal people can’t carry it at all, let alone mothers during pregnancy.

In short, no matter when, mothers should not demand themselves too much. Pregnancy and having a child are a very hard thing.Eat if you should eat, don’t be hungry!If you are really worried, eating in the middle of the night will affect your baby, or you feel that you do n’t know what to eat, and you are worried about getting fat.Then, Sister Miao Miao also recommends you a very practical book about what to eat during pregnancy. I believe that with this book, it will definitely help you and accompany you with peace of mind and comfortably spend the pregnancy period!

This "Golden Recipes of Xiehe Pregnancy" was compiled by the nutritional deputy chief physician of Xiehe Hospital.Kang, even if I often eat supper, I quickly recovered my body shape after pregnancy, and did not get fat.And this book has given detailed dietary guidance from the beginning of women’s pregnancy to pregnancy, production, and postpartum recovery.The content is very comprehensive.

In addition, the book also includes a lot of knowledge and nutritional knowledge during pregnancy. It can be said that it is more important, multi -directional, and take care of the various problems that women may encounter during the whole process of women’s pregnancy, pregnancy to postpartum recovery.Provide women and their children with good nutritional guidance.

Moreover, the whole set of books is clear and the illustrations inside are bright, which can mobilize the appetite of women during the pregnancy.Increase their appetite.In terms of price, the price of this book is also very affordable.It can be said that it is cheap.Compared to spending tens of thousands of dollars to the confinement center, or asking professional nanny care, with this book, not only can reduce the family’s economic burden, but also make the baby and mother take good care of it.

Anyway, whether you are preparing for pregnancy, or pregnant, or in the confinement period, this book can be guided and helped you. As a mother, we must worry about it. Even if you eat itEssenceThis book is only 58.8 yuan now, bringing a book home, so that you are full of nutrition and meat every day during pregnancy, and it is still a goddess after giving birth.Thin pregnancy one day, three meals, pregnant women pregnant women’s pregnancy books Daquan, pregnant women recipes, nutrition three meals, weight ¥ 39.8 purchase

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