Pregnant women are also particular about eating folic acid. I don’t pay attention to this time and these 6 points.

Introduction: When is the best of folic acid tablets during pregnancy?

A friend asked, "When are the best folic acid tablets during pregnancy?"

Pregnant mothers know that she should supplement folic acid for pregnancy and pregnancy. Folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformity and attach great importance to it.But the folic acid tablets were bought, and the question came, and the instructions did not explain when to eat the best in the day, so that the pregnant mother could not touch it.

More than one pregnant mother has doubts about folic acid eating:

Mother 1: Can I eat lunch at noon?Or eat half an hour before dinner?

Mother 2: When is folic acid absorbing the best in the day?

Mother 3: Do folic acid tablets chew or persuade?What is the best time to eat?

Expectant mother 4: When is the best folic acid every day in early pregnancy?

Folic acid is a kind of water -soluble vitamin, which can be eaten when.It is best to eat it 1 hour before meals or half an hour after meals. It gives the stomach a buffer time, which does not prevent the nutrition of food, nor does it prevent the absorption of folic acid and turns into the body.

It is better to fix a time period. For example, eating folic acid 1 hour before lunch every time, you are sure to eat it before lunch every day. This is not easy to forget and continuity.Aware of the importance of supplementing folic acid.

There are many pregnant mothers who choose to eat folic acid in the morning, thinking that the empty stomach is best absorbed.There are also mothers who eat at noon because this time is the easiest to remember.Some pregnant mothers eat folic acid at night, because she vomits in the morning, she will vomit folic acid, and eating at night can avoid this perfectly.There are also many mothers who eat folic acid before going to bed, and feel the most comfortable at this time.

No matter what time, it is best for you.

1. Starting to eat folic acid 3 months before pregnancy, Dad has to eat together.After pregnancy, you should also adhere to eating for 3 months, and you can last until the entire pregnancy, which is good for preventing various diseases.

2. There is no extreme lack of folic acid. Eat 400UG a day, do not overdose.The maximum dose of folic acid in the human body is 1000ug.If there are children with extreme lack of folic acid and neural tube defects in the family, they must follow the doctor’s advice to supplement the larger dose of folic acid.

3. When eating folic acid, take warm water and take water to ensure the efficacy. Do not take it with other liquids.Do not need to chew folic acid, but you can take it under the whole grain.

4. When supplementing folic acid, if you find symptoms such as stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, increased secretions, and blood of the secretions, you should stop taking folic acid.

5. It is better to directly supplement simple folic acid tablets. This kind of formal medicine, general family planning stations will send this kind of folic acid.Try not to choose the level of folic acid at the level of health products, the efficacy may not be guaranteed.

6. Usually eat more green leaves and fresh fruits, and will also absorb folic acid from food.For example, if you eat 200g of vegetables a day, you will supplement 200UG folic acid.

In short, you can take a fixed time for folic acid during pregnancy. Don’t forget to pay attention to the above matters and wish you a good pregnancy!

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