Pregnant women "drink as water", will it have a miscarriage when drinking seven bottles at a time?Doctor: Replenish nutrition and be rational

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Xia Lin has been pregnant for more than four months, and her recent pregnancy response has not been slow, and her appetite has gradually improved.It is said that "taste changes" will occur after pregnancy. She did not believe it before she was pregnant, but since she did not vomit recently, she especially loved milk and smelled milk.

A few days ago, my husband just bought the milk and gave her a hot drink. After drinking two bottles, the husband did not solve it, and the husband gave her two bottles. As a result, I drank seven bottles in the last breath.The baby is really a big stomach king. I drank seven bottles of milk today. "Listening to her, her girlfriend was shocked and asked her, "You are stupid, are you not afraid of miscarriage when you drink so much? I have diarrhea when I drink a bottle."

At first she didn’t take it seriously at first. Later, the more she wanted to worry, she went to the hospital to hang a number. She wanted to ask the doctor if she would have a miscarriage. After the doctor listened, she was taken aback. Then she smiled and said "Drinking milk itself will not cause miscarriage, but this time, drinking seven bottles to supplement nutrition is unscientific, it may not digest, or even diarrhea, and also affect the intake of other nutrients. "Finally, she also told her: supplementing nutrition must be rational.

Milk’s nutrition is very rich, containing protein, amino acids, fat, sugar, calcium, vitamins, etc. These nutrients are good for pregnant mothers and are also conducive to fetal development.

1. Calcium supplement, calcium supplementation during pregnancy can promote the growth and development of the baby’s bones

The growth and development of the fetus cannot be separated from calcium, especially skeletal development, and sufficient calcium must be supplemented during pregnancy to allow the fetus to grow normally.

Milk is a very good calcium supplement food. The calcium content is sufficient and the absorption rate is good. The amount of calcium per 1ml of milk has 1 mg of calcium. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will replenish calcium by drinking milk, especially for pregnancy.Mom, you can drink milk to supplement a certain nutrition.

During different pregnancy, the demand for calcium for pregnant mothers is different:

Early pregnancy: The fetus is still small embryo, and the demand for calcium is not very large. 800 mg is enough every day. You can drink a bottle of milk every day.

In the middle and late pregnancy: The fetus starts to grow rapidly, and the second trimester is the fastest stage of the fetal bone growth and development. Calcium demand requires 1,000 mg per day. You can drink a bottle of milk in the morning and evening.

2. Supplement protein and enhance immunity

"Protein" is an important component of all cells and tissues that constitutes the human body, that is, all important components of the human body require protein participation.

Protein can supplement the consumption of metabolism, maintain the normal growth and development of human tissues, and improve human body resistance.Women after pregnancy are reduced, and they can add cups of milk every day to supplement nutrition and improve their immunity.

During different pregnancy, pregnant mothers have different demand for protein:

Early pregnancy: The increase in protein demand for pregnant mothers is not obvious, and no additional supplementation can be added;

In the middle of pregnancy: the demand for protein for pregnant mothers is 60 grams per day;

In the third trimester: The demand for protein for pregnant mothers is 85 grams per day.

3. Improve sleep

Various discomfort during pregnancy allow pregnant mothers to have no way to sleep well, such as upset, frequent urination, and various pains, making good sleep becoming a luxury after pregnancy.

At this time, pregnant mothers can choose to drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, which can supplement nutrition, but also eliminate nervousness, peace of mind, and improve the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.

Although pregnant women have the above benefits to drink milk, "drinking milk correctly" can achieve the effect of "less effort".

1. Milk is not recommended to drink cold, otherwise it is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort, especially for pregnant mothers who have a bad stomach and stomach, you can drink it again;

2. The amount of milk daily should be balanced, and it is not advisable to "drink violently". Although the nutrition of milk is very good, it cannot be like this pregnant mother. Drink seven bottles, a bottle of milk 250 ml, and 1750 ml of seven bottles; and pregnancy.The four -month pregnant mother has enough to have 1,000 mg of calcium every day. Seven bottles of milk plus eating from diet will inevitably lead to exceeding the standard of calcium on the day, and drink so much milk, the stomach may be uncomfortable.

3. Pregnant mothers who do not like to drink milk do not have to force themselves to drink. Although milk is a good source of food with good protein, in addition to milk, protein can also be obtained from other foods, such as lean meat, soy products, fish and shrimp, etc.

1. Cause stones

Although milk is rich in calcium, and an appropriate amount of calcium is easy to absorb, but drinking too much every day, excessive calcium intake may not be completely absorbed by the human body to cause calcium precipitation, which is easy to cause stones.

2. Ins additional gastrointestinal burden

Milk also contains a large amount of protein. Due to progesterone, pregnant women are weaker than normal people. If drinking too much milk will increase gastrointestinal burden, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.

3. Excess nutrition

Just like mentioned earlier, the nutritional content contained in milk is very high. If you drink too much to cause excess nutrition, it will also cause pregnant mothers to gain weight easily, so do not drink milk as water.

4. Activity that affects other nutrients

Milk is easy to make people feel full, so drinking more milk, other foods naturally eat less, and it does not meet the principle of nutritional balance.

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that although the milk is good, it cannot comprehensively represent the nutrition of other foods. It cannot affect the intake of other foods because of drinking milk, which leads to insufficient other nutritional intake of pregnant mothers.It’s right.

Moreover, some pregnant mothers cannot drink more milk. As long as they drink a little more, they can easily diarrhea. Although seven bottles of milk at one time will not directly cause abortion of the fetus, if the diarrhea is severe, it is also a harm to the mother and baby.

In addition, if there is a miscarriage because of drinking seven bottles of milk, it is best for pregnant mothers to do a detailed examination to see what causes it. After all, there are too many reasons that can cause miscarriage. Milk said: Do not carry this pot.

In the end, as doctors’ suggestions to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, the principle of dietary nutritional equilibrium, pregnant mothers are best to reasonably match various foods to meet the nutritional needs of maternal and infants during should also eat it properly for the nutritional balance.

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