Pregnant woman’s proesence: I found tumors during pregnancy.

Some time ago, Wu Meng, an elderly pulmonary high -pressure net red maternal, regardless of the doctor’s obstruction and surgical risks, and was interested in having a child. He died of a high degree of infection after surgery, and his life was always fixed at the age of 43.The young children who are still in the 的 will always lose their motherly love, saying that the lover who is good at life will always lose the other half of her life … The practice of the Internet celebrity "give life and have children" has also caused heated discussion among netizens.

Coincidentally, the pregnancy (pseudonym) from Taipei is also the same as the Internet celebrity Wu Meng, facing the choice of choice, but the family and husband resolutely decided to "give birth" to ask Xiaoxin.Fan was blocked, so Xiaoxin asked for death, but there was no end to the road …

Xiaoxin (pseudonym) from Taipei has a husband who spoils her like a princess, and has a job she likes. The family lives and beautiful. The important thing is that Xiaoxin is pregnant and is about to become a mother …They all proceeded in a beautiful direction.

After pregnancy, Xiaoxin’s taste has not changed, and she still likes delicious seafood and pickled foods. During pregnancy, her lover and family are unsatisfactory to satisfy her.

God likes to joke with people. Xiaoxin did a screenless DNA screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy, and his life was slapped.

"The doctor told us that checking the data abnormality and reminding Xiaoxin to get the tumor." Xiaoxin’s lover Mr. Chen said helplessly.

The result of this inspection caused the Xiaoxin family to be uneasy.

At the same time, Xiaoxin also noticed that his breasts had changed, and he felt the mass with his hands.Therefore, I did a color Doppler ultrasound in a local hospital and found that it was just a change in breast hyperplasia and didn’t care too much.

"After another week, she felt that the mass was so fast, and when she thought of the result of non -invasive DNA, she felt very disturbed, so she decided to go to the hospital to do a more detailed examination again." Mr. Chen said.

The test results of the examination of the hospital again were breast cancer.

"At that time, when I heard this result, I wanted to make such a joke with me. I am still so young. I haven’t been a mother yet. I hope it is a misdiagnosis."Xiaoxin is painful and helpless.

The dream became a nightmare, and the doom caught.

Due to the special circumstances of Xiaoxin’s pregnancy, many hospitals in Taipei, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou were "rejected".

This made them feel weak and felt "seeking medical treatment."

"I learned that I suffered from breast cancer, and I started to find a specialist hospital (A Hospital) that treats breast cancer to learn about experts and treatment related information." Mr. Chen recalled.

After many difficulties, they finally squeezed into a hospital in Guangzhou to treat breast cancer.The doctor found that the lesions on the breast found that the lesions on the breast were metastatic cancer during the related examination of Xiaoxin’s breasts, and the possibility of gastric cancer was high.

Xiaoxin had been pregnant for 20 weeks at the time, and the special circumstances of the body had restricted gastroscopy.The house was leaked overnight. The doctor found that Xiaoxin’s middle and upper abdomen had physical mass through the gastrointestinal ultrasound. Bad news one after another. Cancer had metastasized to pelvic cavity, ovarian, breast, peritoneum, and multiple bone metastasis.All test results suggest that primary cancer comes from the possibility of digestive system tumors. It is recommended that Xiaoxin go to other hospitals to improve gastrointestinal examination.

So Xiaoxin’s family took a examination report to find another oncology hospital (B) in Guangzhou. The doctor suggested that the primary cancer should be gastric cancer from the examination report, but in the end, the gastrointestinal diagnosis is required to be further treated.

Despite it, after repeated considerations of the family, the hospital asked the hospital to immediately perform an induction surgery for Xiaoxin to keep Xiaoxin’s life is most important.

But induction of labor is not to do it."At that time, the obstetrician said that because the tumor was too large, the tumor was required to be reduced before the induction of labor; and the oncologist insisted on induction of labor before he could start treatment." Mr. Chen was helpless.

Is it induced labor or treatment first?Before the treatment, the cancer has quietly opened the first "tug -of -war" between the doctor and the doctor.

At this time, more than a month before the tumor was found, the family was very anxious to start treatment. At that time, Mr. Chen felt helpless.

The year of the year is approaching, and the problem of the treatment and induction of labor is not resolved. The Xiaoxin family decided to discharge and return to Taipei for treatment opportunities.

In February 2019, as soon as he finished the New Year, Xiaoxin vomited blood and stayed in a hospital in Taipei.After admission, a gastrointestinal examination was performed. It was diagnosed with the problems of gastric cancer type III, implication of huge tumors, accompanied by ulcerative lesions and accessible bleeding.

The disease progressed too fast. In order to treat tumors as soon as possible, Xiaoxin had an induction of labor at the hospital in Taipei.Considering that the treatment effect of hospital B is better, Xiaoxin returned to the B hospital for treatment again.However, because Xiaoxin had the problem of gastric bleeding, he was once again rejected by the "door".

Lost a child, suffering from critical illness, the disorders caused by cancer pain and abdominal distension, which caused Xiaoxin to be tortured by physical and mental body and mind. She had the idea of death.Watching her daughter’s abdominal bloating, she was worn out of bed and was not bed in her pain. Xiaoxin’s mother also washed her face with tears all day.Fear, helplessness, and confusion shrouded the entire family.

When God closes a door, it will open another window for you.After a lot of inquiry, Mr. Chen learned that Dr. Cai Qichun, director of the Cancer Center of the Prayer Hospital, tried.It is not too late. At 8 pm that day, Mr. Chen took Xiaoxin and his family to 7 people to pray for the prayer hospital overnight.

"At that time, the patient came in in a wheelchair. The stomach was as big as 8 months pregnant. The situation was very dangerous. That night we immediately arranged various examinations for the patient to understand the cause of abdominal distension." Dr. Lu Zhengfeng who was admitted.

The tumor is too large to compress the intestinal tract, causing intestinal obstruction, and at the same time, patients still have gastric bleeding, and various problems make doctors very difficult.Dr. Cai Qichun learned in detail the patient’s condition that night, and immediately "connected" domestic and foreign experts discussed the condition and formulated a small new treatment plan the next day.

Dr. Lu said, "Before anti -tumor, the primary problem is to solve intestinal obstruction, because long -term intestinal obstruction can easily cause infection, which can eventually cause toxic blood, shock, and death." For this reason, Dr. Lu invited Director Song Hong of the Department of Digestion together together together togetherconsultation.Subsequently, Director Song put the colon stent for the patient, and the intestinal infarction problem was finally solved.

From the ward to the endoscopic center, the journey was very short, but due to the serious condition of Xiaoxin, Dr. Lu was worried that the patient had discomfort and accompanied all the way until the colon bracket surgery was completed.

"At that time, after the intestinal obstruction was resolved, her whole person’s state was much better, and the big stone in her heart was put down." Mr. Chen said, "When I first came, I was really helpless. I don’t know if it would be as before.Fortunately, I met a group of angels.

"‘ Let me die earlier! ’This is the first sentence that Xiaoxin went to Qifu Hospital to the doctor and nurse,“ Director Cai Qichun said.Directors and pain, Director Cai knew the difficulty of patients.

"Xiaoxin was seriously ill when he came to the hospital. We put it into the PICC catheter for the patient that night, so that she was free of the pain of repeated puncture." Li Libing’s nursing team leader said.

"At the beginning, I would go to the ward every 15 minutes to check the patient’s condition every 15 minutes, and pay close attention to the changes in the condition. Because she has no confidence in fighting cancer, she will often do psychological counseling for her family and patients.She also arranged for her to live in a double room alone, so that she could get better recuperation … "Nurse Peng Liming, who was in charge of Xiaoxin, recalled.

The carefulness and care of the medical staff have made major changes in the psychology of family members and patients.They began to actively cooperate with the treatment. They usually did not love to talk about Xiaoxin. She became actively saying hello to the medical staff and laughed to other patients.

"She can walk now, eat things, and think about life after discharge." Mr. Chen said with a smile.

Mr. Chen was very careful about Xiaoxin, and no more complaints.During the conversation, from time to time, he also heard that Xiaoxin could no longer eat pickled products, not to eat more pickled seafood, and to maintain a positive attitude against cancer.

Asked Xiaoxin’s medical treatment, Xiaoxin smiled and said, "Director Cai and Dr. Lu are like family members, they will care about me, and often ask me if I am uncomfortable, which makes me very moved."

After more than a month of overall immunotherapy, Xiaoxin’s tumor began to shrink, and the pain of small vertebral bones was significantly reduced.Xiaoxin is no longer immersed in the pain of the disease and is full of expectations for the future.She said: "Thank you very much and nurse at the Cancer Center of the Prayer Hospital. Here I have the courage to continue fighting."

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