Pregnant secretions are not allowed to see the sex of the fetus in a multi -born boy and a woman’s secretions.

Pregnant pregnancy always does not understand all kinds of curiosity.There are many changes in the body. We all know that women’s pregnancy is very cautious, and we must always pay attention to health.Is the pregnancy secretion multi -born boys and girls? Is the brown secretion normal for pregnancy? The editor of Wed114 Wedding Network Below will bring you detailed content.

Pregnancy secretions are more born with boys and women

There are rumors of the people that the sex of the fetus can be distinguished by the secretions of expectant mothers after pregnancy.

Specific statement:

Pregnant women have more vaginal secretions, and underwear always feels like she is not clean, which is the girl who is pregnant, and vice versa.

Do youth secretions look at boys and women?

It is inaccurate to see the sex of the fetus through the secretions of pregnant women.

Generally speaking, after women’s pregnancy, the secretion of sex hormones in the body increases, which prompts the hyperplasia of cervical glandular hyperplasia to secrete more thick mucus. In addition, as the fetus gradually grows up, the pelvic cavity and vagina of the mother’s body will gradually increase and promote the expansion and congestion of neighboring vascular.It also causes an increase in vaginal secretions.These are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy, and both boys and girls may appear, so it is not allowed to see boys and women through the secretion of pregnant women.

The increase of pregnancy secretions is normal as long as it is white, pale yellow, sticky, clear, shiny, elastic, etc. It is normal. No special treatment is required, and it will not affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.However, if there are abnormalities such as color, odor, or texture, it is likely that it is likely that it is a gynecological disease. You should seek medical treatment in time.”P”副”E”

Is the brown secretion normal for pregnancy?

Pregnant brown secretions are abnormal.

The vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers is actually leucorrhea. Under normal circumstances, it is white, pale yellow, sticky, clear and shiny, and elastic.If the color, texture, taste, and taste of the secretion change have changed, it reveals that the body is unhealthy, and the brown secretion of pregnancy is also abnormal. You should seek medical treatment in time to avoid affecting the health of the fetus.

What is going on with brown secretions in pregnancy?

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy generally occurs in vaginal bleeding around 40 days of menopause. The color is dark red, small, and endless. It is mostly accompanied by hidden pain, pain, and pain in the lower abdomen.The harm of ectopic pregnancy is extremely harmful. If the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy can not be found early, it may be life -threatening.

2. Breakal abortion

Brown vaginal secretions may also be a threatened abortion.Its main manifestations are pregnancy bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy.Generally, in the threatened current, the vaginal bleeding is less and the abdominal pain is mild.If there is no embryo development abnormalities, the bleeding will stop and can continue pregnancy.

3. Port

Pregnant brown secretions are symptoms of bleeding in the vagina, and women with hydatidal tires will also have bleeding. It occurs mostly about 3 months.

4. vaginal trichomoniasis infection

This infection is easy to increase leucorrhea, it will also be accompanied by evil odor, and itching in the genitals will also occur.It is generally believed that this infection is a kind of sexually transmitted disease, and it is easy to be infected with each other between the partners. The treatment must be treated at the same time during treatment to prevent cross -infection and completely cure.

5. Other diseases

Pregnant brown secretions must also be considered that mothers may suffer from vaginitis, cervical erosion, cervical polyps, endometrial lesions, tumors and other gynecological diseases.

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